Use GPU to crack wpa/wpa2

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Test environment:
Win7 SP1 X64/Nvidia 630 M
After grasping the handbag under Kali, you can crack it in Windows.
I used aircrack-ng to crack it, which is about key/s.
So I just want to try GPU cracking.
1. Convert the cap package to the hccap package of oclhashcat under Kali.
Aircrack-ng test. cap-J test
Generate test. hccap
2. Use oclhashcat-plus to crack

CudaHashcat-plus64-m 2500 test. hccap wordlist. diccudaHashcat-plus64 is because I am Nvidia graphics card, 64-bit, if it is ATI will start with ocl-m 2500 represents the wap/wap2 cracking mode Session. name... : CudaHashcat-plusStatus ......... : RunningInput. Mode ..... : File (F: \ Penetration \ tools \ 7_wordlist \ wifi_crack_normal.txt) Hash. Target .... : ASUS (48: 5b: 39: bd: 00: 0c <-> 84: 4b: f5: 87: 2c: e0) Hash. Type ...... : WPA/WPA2Time. Started... : Thu Nov 21 13:54:19 2013 (3 mins, 42 secs) Time. Estimated.: Thu Nov 21 14:20:20 2013 (22 mins, 19 secs) Speed. GPU. #1... : 6883/sRecovered ...... : 0/1 (0.00%) Digests, 0/1 (0.00%) SaltsProgress ....... : 1527810/9565341 (15.97%) Rejected ....... : 2/1527810 (0.00%) HWMon. GPU. #1... : 99% Util, 87c Temp, N/A Fan

The speed is about 7000, which is much faster than the CPU.

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