Use icallbackeventhandler to implement ASP. NET Ajax applications

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Speaking of Ajax, it seems to be a new thing. In fact, this is already an old technology, but it has been widely used in the last two years (GoogleMap, Gmail, Netease mailbox ......), It has returned to people's eyes, and the designers and technicians who have paid attention to user experience are also excited.

There are many Ajax implementation methods in ASP. NET and there are a lot of frameworks. For example, Ajax. net, magicajax, and ajaxpro are all well-known and used
It is very convenient, but I have always been used to and advocated practical use. I don't like these frameworks very much, because there are many things encapsulated and I don't know what they are doing, there are also many things that do not need to be used.
West, so some time ago I especially liked the lightweight prototype. js framework. Many methods can be written by myself, and the implementation is flexible. But today we will introduce ASP. NET.
The callback interface built in 2.0 can be used to conveniently call the background method.

I have summarized a simple implementation method based on a lot of information on the Internet. For more information, see the example.

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