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When talking about pushmail, of course we should talk about Blackberry, because BlackBerry's pushmail is the best, but the domestic usage cost is too expensive, and China Mobile's service fee for one month will be 400 or 500 oceans .... we will not mention BlackBerry here --!


Let's talk about how direct pushmail technology can be implemented on mobile phones:


The real pushmail is similar to the MMS we use. The implementation of the MMS reception is that when you have a new MMS, the operator will take the initiative to send a text message to your mobile phone, after receiving the text message, your mobile phone will connect to the network, access the ISP's MMS server, and then receive the mms. After receiving the MMS, disconnect the network and prompt you to have a new one.


The most important part is the text message sent by the carrier. You cannot see this text message, and the mobile phone will not prompt you to receive a new text message, because this text message is specific, the mobile phone manufacturer and the operator agreed to activate the mobile phone MMS reception. If you are a Nokia s60 mobile phone user, you can still find this text message record by checking the "Communication record.


Pushmail is the same as mms. It is estimated that many netizens will understand how pushmail runs when they see the receiving process of the MMS. The pushmail client is also running on your mobile phone, the pushmail client does not connect to the network and only waits for the text message to be activated. When your mailbox receives a new email, the mailbox will take the initiative to send a text message to your mobile phone, then the pushmail client obtains the mail receiving instructions, and starts to connect to the Internet and receive emails, after receiving the message, you are prompted to receive a new email and disconnect the network.


After introducing pushmail, let's go back to the topic and talk about how to synchronize emails from three mobile phones on Nokia's Saipan smartphones. The first two are IP-based pseudo pushmail:


The first is IMAP idle (free of charge)
Mail for Exchange (free)
Third, China Mobile and China Unicom's pushmail Mobile Phone mailbox (charged)


Before you set up the mailbox function, make sure you have activated the GPRS traffic monthly package. Otherwise, an expensive mobile phone traffic fee will be generated...


1. Let's talk about IMAP idle first:


Imap protocol. Currently, free mailboxes only support QQ mail and Google Gmail, while IMAP idle only supports Gmail.
What is IMAP idle? Imapidle is an advanced mode of IMAP. In this mode, the client does not actively query new emails after logging on to the server, but stays in the idle status, when the server receives a new email and notifies the client, the client starts to query the action of the new email. After this action is completed, the client returns to the idle state. The advantage of using the IMAP idle mode is that, when the server receives a new email, the client immediately receives the notification, and the client does not consume much power to connect to the server, because the connection remains idle when there is no mailbox.


The IMAP idle implements pushmail settings. You can use the built-in email function without installing third-party software on your mobile phone. Set the path: information-> options-> Settings-> email-> options-> set as prompted in the new mailbox and set your Gmail in IMAP mode (although QQ mail supports IMAP, but it cannot implement real-time pushmail, so I will not introduce it here). Then, set the Access Point and set the automatic extraction time to 5 minutes. imap does not have the option to stay online. See:


After the setting, the mailbox will automatically connect to the network. After receiving a letter for the first time, you can see that the access point will remain idle (not in succession) In connection management. Try again, send an email to your mailbox and check the response on your phone. It will arrive at your phone in 10 seconds.

2. Let's talk about mail for exchange:


Exchange is developed by Microsoft, and mail forexchange is developed by NOKIA. It is used to synchronize your email inbox, calendar, and contacts on the Symbian smartphone to the microsoftexchange service, IP-based pushmail.


If you are an enterprise user, this will be related to whether your enterprise's Exchange Server is connected to the Internet, whether you need to set up a VPN, etc. Please also ask your own network management...


Ordinary users, install mail for exchange, Nokia official:


You also have to have a Gmail mailbox ,--! Who asked Gmail to support exchange for free mail.


If you do not use Gmail mailbox, there is no Gmail mailbox, you can register one, and then forward the mail of other mailboxes to your Gmail, registration URL is


To download and install mail for exchange, You must select your mobile phone model. Otherwise, it cannot be installed. After installation, find mail forexchange in the program and create a configuration file, let me give you a rough idea:


Open Mail forexchange and you will be asked if you want to create a configuration file. Here, select Yes. If you do not enter any information, select return. Then, see the operation.


In addition to changing the to your mailbox Gmail account and password, the other must be the same.


After mail for exchange is configured, it will be automatically synchronized. You can see the status and related synchronization information. I have used mail for exchange for many times. I think it consumes a lot of power and may not be able to synchronize emails at any time, sometimes it will be five or six minutes later, and there will always be synchronization errors. It is said that it is caused by Nokia's mail forexchange and Gmail's incompatibility --!


The above two methods are IP-based pushmail. The disadvantage is that the data connection must be enabled at any time, and it is relatively standalone. Of course, it consumes a little power, but the advantage is that as long as the GPRS traffic fee, compared to the best BlackBerry pushmail expensive monthly service fee, it is still very cost-effective...

3. Last


This is the real pushmail, the most power-saving, that is, the operator's Mobile Phone mailbox, such as China Mobile's 139 mailbox, China Unicom's Wo Mobile Phone mailbox.


The mail push process is the same as that of pushmail at the beginning of this article, but it is implemented based on third-party software developed by the operator. This has a disadvantage that it is impossible for every mobile phone to use, third-party software cannot be perfectly compatible with mobile phones, and may not receive emails. Therefore, although pushmail is not comparable to BlackBerry, but it is much better than the two methods we described earlier.


Mobile phone mailboxes of carriers are free of charge, but if you want to implement push, you have to pay. For example, China Mobile's 139 mailbox is 5 yuan a month, and China Unicom's Wo mailbox is 6 yuan a month, as I am currently using the China Unicom 3G Package, the 6 yuan mailbox is free to 3G users, so here I will only introduce China Unicom's pushmail.


Unicom Mobile Phone mailbox web site is, Unicom users directly registered 6 yuan mailbox in the mailbox find pushmail option download mobile client. Or you can download it directly at the cell phone Park: Movie.


The email address is successfully installed. The first time you open your mobile phone address, the email address will be verified. After the email address is successfully verified, go: set-> account settings-> other settings-> Enable Automatic push in the automatic mail push settings, and then return, see:


Go back to your original email address and set up Email Forwarding to: your mobile phone number @ Enjoy the Real-Time mailbox reception!



Three pushmail methods are mentioned in this article. The first two methods are free of charge, but the traffic fee is required. If you do not have many emails each month, it is estimated that the GPRS traffic package with a 5 yuan package of 30 m traffic will be ready.

These two methods have been tested by the author. using IMAP almost does not feel memory occupation. The mail for exchange operation occupies about 3 m-5m memory, but mailfor exchange can synchronize your mobile phone contacts and synchronize calendars, if the memory is sufficient, you can select mail forexchange. The last method is China Mobile's Mobile Phone mailbox of 5 RMB a month and China Unicom's Mobile Phone mailbox of 6 RMB a month. Compared with China Unicom's Mobile Phone mailbox, the price is almost the same, but China Unicom's 6 yuan Mobile Phone mailbox, using the WAP access point to send and receive mail no longer charge the mobile phone traffic fee, this is a like, I do not know whether China Mobile's Mobile Phone mailbox charges traffic fees during use. If there is no traffic fee, China Mobile's Mobile Phone mailbox client is not installed and tested, however, the UNICOM mailbox client is developed based on pips, which occupies a relatively serious amount of memory and does not feel it during background running. However, after opening the client, it will occupy 10 MB of memory --!

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