Use InstallShield9 for ASP software packaging and automatic database installation

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// Recently, the company used ASP + SQL to develop office automation OA. The installation program needs to be created and released. This script is made with IS9.0, which can be shared and shared with colleagues.
# Define BITMAP_ID 1
# Include "ifx. h" // cannot be moved
Prototype CreateWebSite (STRING, STRING); // Create an IIS Site
Prototype CreateVirtualDir (STRING); // create a virtual directory
Prototype CreateDataBase (STRING, STRING, STRING); // Create a SQL database
Prototype CheckIIS (); // example: Check whether IIS is installed.
STRING globalstr, destdir, destsvr, destsa, destpw;
NUMBER nvFileHandle, nvFileHandlebak, asaline;
BOOL iscreatedb;
STRING nSetupType, szSQLsvr, szSQLusr, szSQLpwd, szSQLsvrDefault, szSQLusrDefault, szSQLpwdDefault;
STRING szADsvr, szADusr, szADpwd, szADsvrDefault, szADusrDefault, szADpwdDefault;
STRING szADDomain, szADOU, szADDomainDefault, szADOUDefault, ADDC1;
STRING svName, svCompany, svSerial;
Function OnFirstUIBefore ()
NUMBER nResult, nOpt, svEdit1, svEdit2;
STRING szTitle, szMsg, szbmp path;
STRING szLicenseFile, szQuestion;
STRING szServerIP, szServerPort, szServerIPDefault, szServerPortDefault;

STRING szFile, szTargetPath, szDir, szfolder;
STRING szComponents, szTargetdir;
STRING szField1, szField2;
STRING szDefault, svResult;
OBJECT piisObj;
LIST list, listStartCopy;
NUMBER nLevel, nvSize;


TMP_PRODUCT_NAME = "XXX e-government platform ";
TMP_PRODUCT_KEY = "88888888 ";
Szbmp path = SUPPORTDIR ^ "left.bmp ";
DialogSetInfo (DLG_INFO_ALTIMAGE, szbmp path, FALSE); // you can specify the image on the left.
// To Do: if you want to enable background, window title, and caption bar title
SetTitle (@ TITLE_MAIN, 24, WHITE );
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