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IE7 loads and parses all style sheets into a form of that Explorer can understand. You can then use most CSS2/CSS3 selectors without have to resort to CSS hacks.

The lightweight script is a single-line inclusion in your Html/xml document. No alteration of your original markup is necessary. Neither do your have to alter your CSS.

IE7 provides Microsoft Internet Explorer with support for all-for-all standard CSS and HTML:

Supports the following CSS selectors:
Parent > Child
Adjacent + sibling
Adjacent ~ Sibling
[attr], [attr= "value"], [attr~= "value"] etc
. Multiple.classes (Fixes bug)
: hover,: Active,: Focus (for all elements)
: First-child,: Last-child, Only-child, Nth-child, Nth-last-child
: Check,:d isabled,: Enabled
: Root,: Empty,: Contains (),: Not ()
: before/:after/content:
: lang ()
Works with both HTML and XML documents
Supports imported style sheets
Preserves the cascade of the style sheet
Does not alter the document structure
Does not repeatedly query the DOM tree using JavaScript
Uses pure CSS to enforce style sheet rules
Supports the "both" box model in standards and quirks mode
Supports fixed positioning (flicker free)
Supports overflow:visible
Supports Min/max-width/height
Fixes Broken (X) HTML elements (abbr, object)
Standardies Forms behavior
Supports PNG alpha transparency
Lightweight script (22K)
Completely modular (Add/remove fixes)
Works in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ (Windows only) Download

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