Use mobile phone map GPS navigation fee flow?

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If your phone has a GPS chip, then using your phone to navigate is not going to cost mobile phone traffic. But if your phone does not have a GPS chip, and the navigation software used is similar to the navigation services provided by the mobile service, it consumes mobile phone traffic.

At present, there are two main modes of navigation software navigation: One is navigation through GPS chip and satellite connection, the other is navigation by cell phone base station signal. The former is not cost-consuming, the latter requires operators to constantly through your location near the base station to send you navigation data, which is required traffic. For example, moving mm inside the mobile navigation provided is such a service.

In addition, through the GPS chip navigation will also consume a small amount of traffic, these traffic is mainly in the navigation, through the base station signal to help you quickly locate, these traffic is very small, generally 10K to 100k or so. When the satellite positioning, in the entire navigation process is not required to consume traffic, unless you are using Google as a real-time download map to navigate the software, otherwise, it is generally first download the offline map package, and then read the map file inside the phone to achieve navigation, so that it will not consume your traffic.

Another is the problem of auxiliary positioning. Currently, after the mobile phone opens the navigation function, it needs to be connected with the satellite to locate, in order to know where you are. This positioning has three modes, one is a separate GPS chip positioning mode, which is not required to consume traffic, but the location is slow (relative to the phone). The second is the base station signal +GPS chip positioning mode, which is required to consume a small amount of traffic to obtain cell phone base station signal, thus helping the mobile phone quickly connected to the satellite for positioning. This mode is A-gps mode, faster than the first kind of much faster ... The third type is the WIFI+GPS chip positioning mode. By using a nearby wif access point or Wi-Fi network to improve the speed of your location, this mode is fast, but requires your wifi point to be recorded and recognized, otherwise the location is slow. This kind of pattern also does not need to consume the flow, but once navigates, leaves the WiFi point to be possible the satellite temporary loss question, needs to relocate, therefore actually will return to the first second kind of connection mode in front.

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