Use mysqlsla to analyze MySQL logs

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Tar xzvf mysqlsla-2.03.tar.gz

CD mysqlsla-2.03

Perl makefile. pl


Make install


Install the command mysqlsla to the/usr/bin directory by default.

When you install the Perl module through CPAN for the first time, you need to configure the module. For most configurations, use the default value and press Enter.

# Perl-mcpan-e Shell

Then execute the following command to save

CPAN> reload Index

CPAN> reload CPAN

Install the DBI Module

CPAN> install DBI



1. To connect to MySQL, you must have the root @ localhost permission and grant all on *. * to root @ localhost identified by '123'

2. Enable MySQL server's general log and slow log

/Etc/My. CNF:


Log = General-Log

Log-Slow-queries = slow-Log

3. Use mysqlsla to analyze log files

Mysqlsla is actually a Perl scripts, which is used in a very simple way. The syntax is as follows:

A. analyze the general log

Mysqlsla-lt slow. Log-r print-unique-MF "DB = foo"-SF "+ select"

Then you can understand what the server is processing.

B. Analyze slow log


Mysqlsla -- user = root -- Password = XXXXX-ex -- socket =/tmp/MySQL. Sock-lt slow. Log

Mysqlsla -- user = root -- Password = XXXXX-ex -- socket =/tmp/MySQL. Sock-LT General/data/MySQL/test. Log


-- Slow: indicates the slow log to be analyzed.

-- Ex: Use explain to analyze Query

-- DB database name: Slow log does not necessarily record the database to which the query belongs. In this way, when the server wants to explain, there will be a problem. Therefore, we will specify the database we use here.

Slow-Log: enter the name of the slow-log file. If multiple log files exist, separate them with commas (,), for example, log1, log2 ....

Sample reports generated: (mysqlsla only lists top 10 queries by default)

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