Use of components (iii) use of Autocompletetextview

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Autocompletetextview commonly used properties:

Descriptive text below the Android:completionhint drop-down list
Android:completionthreshold the minimum number of characters to pop down the list
Android:dropdownanchor the anchor point or mount point of the drop-down list
Android:dropdownheight drop-down list height
Android:dropdownwidth drop-down list width
Android:dropdownhorizontaloffset drop-down list distance from left
Android:dropdownselector drop-down list the background of the row being selected

Basic Usage

1. Declare the component in an XML file

< Autocompletetextview  android:id  = "@+id/ Activity_tab_search_autocomplete " android:layout_width  = "fill_parent"  android:layout_height  =" fill_parent " android:layout_marginleft  =" 5DP " android:dropdownhorizontaloffset  =      "0DP"  android:completionthreshold  = "1"  android:background  = "@null" />   

2. Create a List_item.xml file in the layout directory to display the item

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?><linearlayout xmlns:android="Http://"  Android:layout_width="Match_parent"android:layout_height="Fill_parent"  Android:orientation="vertical" >                <linearlayoutandroid:layout_width="Match_parent"android:layout_height ="30DP"android:orientation="vertical"android:gravity="Center_ Vertical " >                                  "<TextViewandroid:id="@+id/list_search_choose_item_textview"android: Layout_width="Wrap_content"android:layout_height="Wrap_content"android: Layout_marginleft="20DP"android:text="XXX"android:textsize= "18sp" />                                                                             </linearlayout></linearlayout>

3. Code section

string[] str = new string[] { "medical Record number" ,  "patient Name" ,  "status" ,  "date" }  Autocompletetextview actv= (Autocompletetextview) mviewsearch.findViewById  (  .activity  _tab_search_ AutoComplete)  arrayadapter<string> arrayadapter = new arrayadapter<string> (this,r .list  _item,  Span class= "Hljs-preprocessor" >.list  _search_choose_item_textview, str) ;  Actv.setadapter  (arrayadapter) ;   


set no input and auto-complete

In two steps:
1. In the XML file, add the attribute on the parent container of the Autocompletetextview :


The effect is to set the focus after the click, that is, does not automatically get focus.
In code, focus monitoring is set for Autocompletetextview

actv.setOnFocusChangeListener(new OnFocusChangeListener() {            @Override            publicvoidonFocusChangeboolean hasFocus) {                // TODO Auto-generated method stub                AutoCompleteTextView view=(AutoCompleteTextView)v;                if (hasFocus) {                    view.showDropDown();                }            }        });

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Use of components (iii) use of Autocompletetextview

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