Use of webhooks in GitHub

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    • The configuration of webhooks in GitHub
    • Testing the configuration of the Webhooks

Currently in the team designing an application management feature, you need to understand the use of common code-managed webhooks. Webhooks, the first of GitHub, took the lead, and recorded the use of webhooks in GitHub below.

The configuration of webhooks in GitHub

After the configuration is displayed a callback address, you can see that the push in the back of the slogan for we just selected the push code when the callback, the URL of the callback can also be edited and deleted

Testing the configuration of the Webhooks
由于我选择的是push代码的时候才进行回调,所以我们在自己的项目中提交一个commit,来看看webhooks回调我们的URL时给出的数据格式是什么。提交一个commit后,我再次进入Settings->Webhooks 最下方有我们刚才出发的回调


Use of webhooks in GitHub

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