Use of git client sourcetree on Mac

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Problem: On GitHub that wants to write some demo and open source stuff, using Sourcetree can also modify the remote repository code. Solution or Tutorial:1. First you need to have a GitHub account, not a user, how to use the product, the preparation of the work is not much to say.2. About Sourcetree, a visual git client, of course, there are other powerful features, we use more than create, push, clone, pull and merge operations. 3 Create a remote repository first. If you compare GitHub to the moon, you're in the same position on Earth. You build a base on the moon, and then the base is completely copied, put in your position, we want to achieve the effect is you modify the earth base of the building, submitted to the moon base of the building has also undergone the same change, and the moon base and the earth base of the link between the omnipotent---network.          take a name that you are satisfied with and add a description of the project, open source is not charged. There are some agreements, about the specific rights and obligations of the agreement I do not know too much, I will not say more.
The remote Warehouse is built this way, so that your base on the moon has been built, is it very simple? 4. Copy this path, then open the local sourcetree, select the first one, clone from URL     It's best to set up a folder on the desktop beforehand, because I'm used to putting items on the desktop that need to be done, and the path changes according to my habits. The local warehouse is also built so that you can put what you want to share online and give all the world's program apes a look (if they want to see it, of course).   5 Build a project in the folder.  submitted in 6 Souretree7 Push up8 GitHub on the refresh, OK, the project has been placed on the moon ~

Use of git client sourcetree on Mac

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