Use of PowerDesigner graphical synonym (graphical synonyms)

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    • A graphical synonym is a representation of an object (table), which itself has no specific definition.
    • By graphically using synonyms, it is possible to use this object (table) in different places in the same physical diagram (physical diagram).
      • Role: In the physical diagram between the relationship between the lines as far as possible, through the establishment of synonymous word image (graphical synonym) to ensure. If multiple graphical synonym are established on an object, separate and light color fills are used to differentiate them.
      • Another way to do this is to create a graphical synonym for the shortcut to the Object (table), which can span different package.
      • Note: the objects (tables) in the physical diagram of each package can be duplicated (but when you finally create all the objects in the package, each object has only one, and no objects are created repeatedly.) This tool is very smart, if the object is repeated, it will force you to change. )。
Using a synonym in the graph, the graph shows the name of the object followed by a colon and the number of occurrences.

This class is a graphic pronoun class printer

+printpage (): void
Move a graphic synonym

A graphic synonym exists in the diagram, as long as it represents an object that still exists.
If you move a graphic synonym from one package to another, it is moved to the destination package and the shortcut is created by the remaining graphic synonyms in the source package.

Graphic synonyms for linked objects

If you remove the graphical pronoun of the linked object, only the symbol is not required to confirm the deletion. (for example, foreign key connections do not change)

To create a synonym step

1. Select the object (table) for which you want to create a graphical synonym;
2.edit->create graphical synonym;
3. At this point, you can see that the object has been created with a graphical synonym, and then you can move to different places as needed.

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Use of PowerDesigner graphical synonym (graphical synonyms)

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