Use of the 11 most frequently used commands in Windows Vista

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Vista is described by many users as being too gorgeous, which leads to a situation where too many system resources are occupied. Many users say that Vista has done too much, but if you are good at using commands, it can greatly simplify operations and even bring you many surprises.

The following describes the eleven most common commands in Windows Vista. You only need to enter the corresponding commands in the "run box" to enjoy the fun of the command line.

1. Remote Assistance: This is a very practical function, especially cainiao. When you are helpless in the face of machine faults, You can seek help from friends on the Internet through this function, let him operate on your machine directly.

Command: msra.exe

2. Computer Management: This is a centralized management interface, where you can view and configure various machine components.

Command: compmgmt. MSC

Iii. System Restoration: by default, many restore points are automatically created on the machine. This command restores the computer system to the previous state by using these restoration points.

Command: rstrui.exe

Iv. System Properties: view basic information about computer system settings

Command: control.exe System

V. System Information: Many software have set this button (such as Office) on the "about" interface. Here you can view detailed information about hardware and software settings.

Command: msinfo32.exe

6. Disable UACProgramLet's pop up and ask if you want to continue? This is the new feature of Vista-User Account Control. If you do not like it, you can disable it by running the following command and restart it.

Command: cmd.exe/K % WINDIR % \ system32 \ reg.exe add HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System/V enablelua/T REG_DWORD/D 0/F

To enable UAC again, run the following command: cmd.exe/K % WINDIR % \ system32 \ reg.exe add HKLM \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System/V enablelua/T REG_DWORD/D 1/F

7. Registry Editor: The registry is the core of windows and a paradise for many experts to display their levels. This tool has been available since Win95, and Vista is no exception, but changed to 32-bit.

Command: regedt32.exe

8. Windows: almost every software has a "about" dialog box to display version and copyright information. Windows is no exception.

Command: winver.exe

9. Task Manager: In WINXP, you only need to press CTRL + ALT + Delete at the same time to bring up this window. It displays detailed information about programs and processes running on the computer. But it is not that convenient in Vista. You need to use the following command.

Command: taskmgr.exe

10. IP configuration: Do you want to know the status of your IP network configuration? Enter the following command.

Command: cmd.exe/K % WINDIR % \ system32 \ ipconfig.exe

11. system startup settings: Adjust and set your Windows Vista startup project to remove unwanted and suspicious boot programs

command: msconfig.exe

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