Use of the Control Toolbox in a WPS table

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Above after the WPS text and the demonstration of learning, I believe we all understand the common control tools in the PPT insert Flash animation. And now the small series to be introduced in the WPS table through the Control tool to insert the Flash animation method, specifically look at the operating procedures.

The main steps are as follows:

1, ready to insert the Flash animation material, I want to insert the animation material is the C packing directory under the "exquisite clock. swf".

Control tools

2. After running the WPS form, click the right mouse button in the blanks of the common toolbars and click the "Control Toolbox" in the pop-up menu.

Click the other Controls button in the Control Toolbox, and then when you drag the scroll bar in the pop-up Drop-down list to find the Shockwave Flash object option.

3, at this time the mouse pointer will become a 10-style, in the WPS table editing area Drag the mouse to draw a suitable size rectangle, the inserted Flash animation will be displayed in this rectangular range.

4. Click the right mouse button on the drawn rectangle, click Properties in the pop-up menu, eject the Properties dialog box, and enter the address and name of the Flash animation to the right of the Movie option: C: Exquisite clock. swf, and then click on False on the right side of "Embedmovie", When you see the downward black triangle arrow, click to change the argument to "True".

Indicates that flash animation is embedded in the WPS table file. Click the design mode button in the Control Toolbox to exit design mode, and see that the Flash animation has already started playing.

5. If you need to adjust the display area of the Flash animation, just click the design mode button in the Control Toolbox again to enter design mode and drag the control point around the playback area with your mouse.

The above is to insert the Flash animation in the WPS table, the main ready to insert the material of flash, and then find the Control Toolbox to insert, after the control is modified. In the same way, you can also insert multimedia files from other formats into the WPS table.

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