Use of the Merge Center function key in the WPS table

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We know that when we finish typing the table data, we find that some cells are the same, and for the appearance of the table, you can combine the two or more cells together. Today's small series to introduce you to the WPS table how to merge split cell, let's look at the concrete operation.

One, merged cells

First select the cells you want to merge, click the Merge Center button under the Start menu, as shown in the following figure.

Merge Center

When you click the Merge Center button, you can combine four cells into one cell.

Second, split the cell

Select the cells you just merged, and then click the Merge Center button again to split the cells.

These are the steps for the WPS table to merge the split cells. As long as you can merge or split cells by using the Merge Center button under the menu, WPS merges the split cells in a way that is much simpler than word, and needs to be done in one step. I hope the above content is helpful to you.

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