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Let's start with a brief introduction to the concept of pen tools and paths.

The pen tool, which is a vector drawing tool, has the advantage of being able to sketch a smooth curve that remains smooth after zooming or morphing.

The Pen tool draws out the vector graph is called the path, the path is the vector path to allow is not closed the open shape, if the beginning and the end point coincide draws can obtain the closed path

Now let's draw a simple path

The following figure selects the Pen tool in the toolbar (shortcut key P)

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And keep the pen tool options as shown (above the toolbar): Select the second drawing method (simple Path) and cancel the rubber band feature

Then click in the picture with a pen to see that there are segments connected between the hit points

Hold down the SHIFT key to allow the drawn point to remain at 45-degree integral times the same angle as the previous point (e.g. zero, 90 degrees)

This allows you to draw horizontal or vertical segments (the SHIFT key starts at point 5th)

From the simple exercise above, we have two rules:

Instead of directly drawing segments, we define the location of each point, and the software is formed between the dots.

Control the shape of the line segment (direction, distance), not the line segment itself, but the position of the points in the line

Remember two terms:

Those points are called "anchor points"

Line segments between anchor points are called "Fragments" (segment)

The anchor points we have just drawn are also called linear anchors because the lines between them are straight. Now we're going to draw a curved anchor.

We see that when we draw the second and subsequent anchor points and drag the direction line, the shape of the curve changes to how the curve is generated, and how do we control the shape of the curve? In addition to the direction and distance of a straight line, the curve has a more curved shape, and the direction and distance can be achieved as long as the location of the anchor points is changed. But how to control the degree of curvature? If you select the Direct Selection tool in the toolbar, note that the hollow arrow below.

Let's say the 4 anchor points we've just drawn are ABCD.

Use the direct selection tool to point to the classification of fragments located between AB :

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