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The Robots META tag is used to tell aWeb RobotWhether a Web page can be indexed and can track links on its pages. The tag element already occupies an increasingly important position. Also, it is applied to the server that does not have the top-level directoryrobots.txtFile control, some search engines are now fully compliant with the robots Meta Tag, such as Inktomi. The format of the Robots meta tag: The robots meta tag is placed in the header area (head area) of the background HTML source code in a format similar to the following: (uppercase and lowercase)
<meta name= "ROBOTS" content= "Noindex,nofollow" >
<meta name= "DESCRIPTION" content= "this PAGE ..." >
Robot Meta Tag options:
There are four instructions available in a single Meta Tag: INDEX, NOINDEX, follow, and NOFOLLOW, separated by ",". which
Index directive: Indicates that robot can index this page;
Follow directive: means robot can follow link of this page;
NOINDEX directive: Deny Robot Index this page, but can track the link on the page;
NOFOLLOW directive: Reject robot Tracking link on this page, but can index this page.
<meta name= "ROBOTS" content= "Index,follow" >
<meta name= "ROBOTS" content= "Noindex,follow" >
<meta name= "ROBOTS" content= "Index,nofollow" >
<meta name= "ROBOTS" content= "Noindex,nofollow" >
In some of the search engine articles on the robots Meta tag, the predefined default settings are index and follow. For Inktomi, however, this is not the case. The default entries for Inktomi are index and nofollow.
There are also two global directives: all and none.
All=index,follow: Indicates that this page can be indexed and can be trackedlinks
None=noindex,nofollow: Indicates that this page is not allowed and is not allowed to track links.

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