Use Photoshop to create a bright gold vista texture effect

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First look at the final effect:

Making tools: Photoshop CS

Production process:

1, open a background picture, the effect as shown in Figure 01.

2, at the bottom of the toolbox, the foreground color is set to gray RGB 150, 150, 150 respectively. Select the Text tool in the Toolbox and enter text in the File window, as shown in Figure 01. Right-click on the text layer, select the grid layer command from the pop-up menu, and convert the text layer to an image layer.

3. Hold down the CTRL key, click the type layer, load the selection, select the Select Save Selection command in the menu bar, pop the Save selection dialog box, the name is Alpha 1, as shown in Figure 02, click OK.

4, switch to the channel panel, select Channel Alpha 1, select the "Filter" in the menu bar "Fuzzy" "Gaussian blur" command, in the pop-up Gaussian Blur dialog box, the RADIUS set to 5, as shown in Figure 03, the image effect as shown in Figure 04.

5, select the Layer Control Panel, select the type layer. To perform the "filter" render "lighting effect" in the menu bar, select "Light on top right" in the style, select Light in the light type, the strength is 32, the focus is 78, the gloss is set to 0, the material is set to 0, the exposure is set to 0, the environment is set to 21, the texture channel is alpha 1, the height is set to 80, The other is default, as shown in Figure 05, and the image effect is shown in Figure 06.

6, the implementation of the menu bar, "image" Adjustment "curve" command, in the pop-up Curve dialog box, set the curve to 07, the image effect as shown in Figure 08.

7. Perform the "image" Adjustment "curve" command in the menu bar again, and set the curve to 09 in the Pop-up Curve dialog box, and the image effect is shown in Figure 10.

8, select the background layer, click to create a new layer button below the Layer Control Panel, generate a new layer 1, and set the foreground color to orange below the Toolbox, with RGB 231, 179, 37 respectively. Hold down the CTRL key and click the text layer to load the selection. Select Layer 1 to fill the selection with the foreground color, as shown in Figure 11, to cancel the selection. Sets the text layer to blend in the brightness, and the image effect is shown in Figure 12.

9, the layer 1 and the text layer link. Select the "edit" "Free Transform" command in the menu bar to adjust the tilt of the letters so that the letters are far and wide, and the effect is as shown in Figure 13.

10, copy the text layer as a copy of the text layer. Flip the layer vertically and adjust the angle, as shown in Figure 14, set the opacity of the text layer copy to 36%, and the final effect of the image is shown in Figure 15.

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