Use Photoshop to make a nice plate font effect

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Let's see the effect chart first.

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1, open Photoshop production software, and then create a file, size I set up here 886x531, you can customize on the line.

2, we enter a 2012 text, font founder and juvenile font, as long as the founder is good.

3, now we draw a frame, as long as we enter the font in a little more than the better.

4, now we have just painted the box to do some processing, the parameters shown in the following figure.

5. After adjusting the above parameters, our box effect is shown below.

6, OK, now we load the box selection part, we create a filled black layer without canceling the selection.

7, in the menu-> execution Filter-noise-add noise operation parameters as shown below.

8, then we do filter-blur-Gaussian blur operation, the parameters are shown in the following figure.

9, now we cancel the selection, and then set the layer mode to "overlay"

10. Merge two layers (make a backup)

11, OK, now we can put the blueprint of the red font, in turn placed the metal box position: as follows.

12, the effect came out, but we now again to draw screws, draw a positive circle, the following figure.

13, put the drawing circle on the backup layer

14, and then draw a cross in the screw inside, as shown in the picture.

15, now you can stretch yourself casually.

16. Combine screw assembly, then set layer style.

17. Finally, we put the screws in place and the final effect comes out.

18, the following here everyone can adjust their own I will not say much.

19. Import the spark material that I have prepared

20, and then put the spark in the appropriate position of the font, as shown in the following figure.

21, the others do not say much.

22, now add some shadow effect as shown below.

Well, that makes it more comfortable and beautiful.

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