Use Photoshop to make low-key photo effects

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1: Open the original image in Photoshop, first do the most basic to the picture contrast brightness and slight sharpening processing. Selection: Image-adjust-brightness (contrast), do not use automatic contrast, is to better grasp the degree of contrast and discretion. Sharpen Select Filter--Sharpening--USM sharpening, the appropriate slight sharpening is to avoid the image is too soft, so that the picture clearer.

Contrast and sharpening should not be too big, too large contrast will lose the level, too much sharpening will lose quality, moderate their grasp, appropriate.


USM Sharpening

2: In order to create a bleak effect, first reduce the saturation of the screen, select Image---color/saturation, do not reduce the full black and white, just a slight reduction, so that the color is not too gorgeous.

3: The following is the most important, to get to the point. Select the Rectangle tool in the toolbar and draw a large rectangle across the picture, with a dark brown color selected. Select the rectangular layer on the layers panel as the strong light, select transparency 60%, and finally merge two layers

Add a dark brown yellow layer

4: Now it looks like the whole picture is too dark and black, so choose: image-Adjust---curve [/color], adjust. Curve adjustment should be the most important step in the later processing of this picture, the need for the level and brightness of the discriminant ability, good or bad on this. Can be based on the actual situation to increase the number of nodes to adjust the general and some local. When you jump out of the curve panel. Click the left mouse button on the curve will add a node, different nodes control the picture of different places to produce different effects, you can explore more, more nodes to feel the whole picture changes.

5: Now the picture Brown is too dark and full-bodied, so repeat the previous image-adjust-color/saturation, image-adjust-contrast/brightness, appropriate reduction of saturation, and adjust the brightness in the specific case.

6: Now the picture is all done. Low-key effect of the picture is to maintain the basic color and not too bright, dark tone at the same time not completely lose the original color. Dark tones of brown and the original color of the blend, not bright and low. Simple steps, and just the operation of the basic tools, but it can make a picture of a completely different feeling, not complicated process needs to be sensitive to color and level of judgment, the specific circumstances of their own careful grasp, the process of regulation can not be excessive, everything is not damaged in the quality of good image based on the operation.

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