Use Photoshop to pull out digital photos with dark red effects

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Look at the effect chart first.


Today, take this picture as an example, basically I think the contrast of this picture is good, so I don't make any changes in these parts, but there is a shadow on the right side of the picture that I think looks very unsightly, and I expect to get rid of the stray clouds on the left.

Turn on Photoshop, use the stain on the left toolbox to fix the Brush tool (a tool that looks like a ok stretch), the logic of this tool is that it passes the color of the pixel around the brush, sums up an intermediate value color, and then fills the area of the brush with this color, So you can get the effect of a stain fix.

Now I choose this stain repair brush tool, in the upper adjustment of the area will be the role of the brush adjustment to the appropriate size, in general, if you want to modify, the effect of the brush will not be too high, probably between the 0%~10%, so that the edge will be more hazy, the comparison can not see the traces of repair. Then slowly select the shaded part (from the edge to the interior point) and the miscellaneous cloud, until the debris is removed.

The removal of the completion will become so.

The next step is to change the hue, click the image in the top tool column-adjust-hue/saturation.

We will see a toolbox to adjust the hue and saturation, today we mainly change the hue, if you want to make Black-and-white photos or partial unsaturated hue, you can also control the saturation of the value of playing to see.

On this toolbox page, the second Drop-down menu, can be on the screen for some of the color gamut for a more detailed adjustment (if not selected that is the whole picture), today I want to change the blue sky to the same color as the Red department, so I want to change the color gamut to blue.

Then change the value of the hue, click on the small drag adjustment triangle can see the color of various changes, until you want the effect.

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