Use Photoshop to pull photos out of sweet tones, non-mainstream effects.

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Here is the picture of the material we prepared.

This is the final effect of our treatment.

First, open the material we prepared above the picture, copy a layer used to do our application image layer, the layer mode set to Tim, opaque not 60%

Second, for the picture more transparent we add a mask layer, and then the stroke of the opacity of 30%, and then use it to put too bright place?? Out. The following figure shows the text.

Five, create a new layer, set the fill color to 0a236a, and then set the layer mode filter, opaque for 19%.
Second, create an optional color layer, the number as shown in the figure.

The blue is processed, and magenta is shown in the following figure.

Seven, press Ctrl+shif+alt+e to do a filter, in order to reduce noise, the specific parameters as shown in the following figure. The picture has 8, 9 steps of the operation process I do not say much, look at the above operation can be.

10, create a color adjustment layer, respectively on the color, cyan, blue, magenta and other settings, parameters as shown below.

Here are 11-14 steps I have written in the picture, you can refer to the picture shown in the operation on it.

This step we sharpen the picture, parameters such as figure.

15, and finally add their favorite hue on it, the parameters of the following diagram design, you can also adjust your own oh.

Well, finally add the signature on it, you like how to deal with it is not think Photoshop powerful bar.

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