Use PHP-Barcode to easily generate a barcode (1) and a php-Barcode barcode

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Use PHP-Barcode to easily generate a barcode (1) and a php-Barcode barcode

Recently, due to work needs, I have studied how PHP generates a bar code. Although QR codes are popular nowadays, they are still widely used and cannot be replaced. There are many articles in the garden that use PHP to generate bar code, basically around Barcode Bakery. Although it is powerful, its commercial support is not friendly, and the download of source code is limited to study and research. To avoid legal issues, we recommend a free open-source class library today. PHP-Barcode has good commercial support and is sufficient for general application functions. In addition, the official website provides online examples to experience its powerful functions. Click here to download the latest version from the official website.

After downloading it, run it first. The following figure shows my Configuration:

1) decompress the downloaded package

2) Move all the extracted files to the root directory of the website (~ /Projects/ /)

3) open all the PHP files and modify the PHP declaration label. Set <? ?> Change to <? Php

4) Visit the Virtual Site, http: // localhost: 8090/barcode. php, and you will be able to see the bar code.

For more details, I will take the time to update them ~~


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