Use PS filter and layer style to make colorful corrugated words

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The idea is very simple: the text part actually only has two layers, the first layer uses the style to set up the gradual discoloration and the simple luminous effect; the second layer changes the fill to 0 and uses a simple inner glow to make a ripple effect with a filter. Other decorative beams are also made using the same method, later with the addition of material to add a dream effect can be.

Final effect

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1. Create a new 1600pxx1200px document with the background color set to black.

2, add Prisma font, you can download from Dafont, set font size of 500pt (Small note: Resolution 72 of the case of 450pt almost), white. Because we're going to apply some layer styles to the text layer below, the text color doesn't matter in this step.

We need to set the fill of the type layer to 0% before applying the layer style. Because we're going to apply two different layer styles next, copy the text layer first.

Note: The text layer is the basis of our design, so give it the name Base_text and then replace it in the tutorial. Position the text at the center of the document and align it vertically with the background layer level.

3. Add the following layer style to the first type layer (below).

First apply the gradient overlay, the color from dark blue to yellow, the middle of the transition with red, you can refer to the figure below.

Gradient colors are blue (#0A00B2), Red (#FF0000), and Yellow (#FFFC00) from left to right.

Now apply the white inner glow.

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