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This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to use a mask to make a beautiful American flag text effect.

1. Change the color of the background layer, choose "Edit >> Fill >>50% Gray", this step is very important, but don't omit.

2. Choose Cooper Font, color for #cac9c9, write your favorite text, as much as possible, I choose here is 180 points, the best and almost, so the following settings do not have to adjust.

3. The "Blending options" for the text are set as follows:

4. Finally get the following effect, then choose "File >> Save as", save the file as MASK.PSD, we will use this file later.

5. The introduction of the United States flag pictures (here is a beautiful picture of the United States flag), placed on the top of the text layer, adjust the size and position of the flag, as shown in the picture, you can first reduce the number of flags on the layer of transparency, so that more convenient to adjust.

6. In the United States flag layer Press "CTRL + A", this makes the entire layer all selected (this step is important, otherwise the result of the final deformation is not ideal), and then choose Filter >> Distort >> Replace, with the horizontal and vertical proportions set to 5, select stretch to fit and Back ", click OK, select the mask.psd file you just saved in the pop-up dialog box, and when you're done, you'll find that the flag of the United States looks like this.

7. On the American flag layer, press "CTRL+G" to set the flag layer as a mask for the type layer, as shown in the figure:

8. Make some modifications to the "mixed selection" of the text:

9. Finally in doing some modification, plus reflection and projection effect, the final effect is as follows:

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