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PS Font Tutorial: Dream light Effect text tutorial, first send my copy

New file 500x500 pixels.

Fills the radial gradient, (radial gradient) from light brown to black.


To differentiate the center, to do this, duplicate the layer. (CTRL+J), change blending mode «color dodge»«color Dodge». The aim is to create a circle.

Now, we add a good texture background to the glow. To do this, we create a light mist or mist sample. To do this, we need to create a new layer and make sure your foreground color is white, #ffffff一个黑色的背景 #000000.

Then apply the filter (filter) "Cloud" Filter Filter > Render render > Clouds cloud. and made a random sampling of cloud texture, as shown in the picture

Change this layer of blending mode «overlay» overlay. and reduce transparency (opacity) to 30% and apply filter filters > Sketch sketch > Chrome chrome yellow so

With default properties



As a result, you can see the screenshot below.

In principle, you can try with these settings, but by "default" exactly as our requirements get results.

In order to get some glowing lines, use the tools «Pen Tool». You can get the right curve and change the tilt angle arm. In one of the following stylized

The letter screen S is based on only three points. Two o'clock begins and ends, and at the middle point, makes the curvature of the curve.

Create a new layer and click on the Brush tool (b) to select a 3-pixel diameter

And now back to the pen tool. and click the right mouse button on the curve and select Properties «Stroke Path». When you see a dialog box, you need to change the brush tool

(Tools: Brushes), make sure you have noticed property «simulation pressure». Right-click the curve again and delete it (delete the path).

The results are as follows:

Now we have to increase the glow curve. The following settings are also applied to the layer (layer style) performance and to the application. See screenshots.

Projection (mode: Color Dodge)

Outer Glow (Mode: Color filter, way: Soft)

Color Overlay (mode: normal)

Create a repeat step 5,6 and 7 lines. The settings that are applied on step 9th.

In the example, the author presents a thick line over others, with a large diameter brush, and adds a connection of two digits.

Now add text to the same layer of style (step 9), as with the line example.

You need to find the right font, size, and distance between letters. Here, the author designs These 3 words, reducing the size and increasing the words between the letters of the

Distance «advanced and fx».

Add a picture of a particle. To do this, use a hard brush diameter of 3 pixels.

Create a new layer and draw it to the point.

Now Razukraste made the light. To do this, create a new layer with a radial gradient filled with blue transparency.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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