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Visit the top stores for so long, from the top store learned a lot of knowledge, but the most impressive is to calculate the picture, I believe that every Taobao sellers in order to make a beautiful, attractive picture come on! I'm one of them. In fact, photography is a very deep knowledge, in my view about photography, the way encountered a lot of problems, so very disturbing learning, not master the basic operation, you can be proficient in photography, but to learn to change operation, practice makes perfect. But this process is believed to be very large. Especially for the scholars who rarely touch photography. It's really hard to get started.

Think about our small and medium sellers, hard to open shop in Taobao, first, no funds, no capacity, not like the crown-level sellers have abundant funds, rich experience, can use a very good SLR camera, professional photography studio, and even some professional photographers for their own baby to create the perfect picture. These we do not think, to us are all clouds. Let's see what we can do first. In fact, we do not need to learn what photographic knowledge, such a waste of time, but not necessarily effective. Next I'll give you a tip. You don't need a fancy camera to make a perfect picture.

All we need is a camera that can be photographed normally. Take a picture of ourselves at the most professional level. It's perfect when we finish the photos with PS. I am not very professional photography. However, there is PS in the course of students ' professional courses. Can't say the mastery of learning. But mastered a few skills.

A good camera can directly illuminate the effect of the virtual. But we are not able to rely on the camera to blur the background because of the effect of convenience factors. Below we will use another way to blur the background.

The virtual background of the photo can highlight the main body, so that people's visual focus naturally attracted to the main body, in order to enhance the image of the appeal, in the shooting can be achieved by the use of large aperture, long focal length, near the subject and other measures to achieve the effect of the virtual background. However, for consumer-level digital cameras, the CCD area and lens physical caliber small, the largest aperture is not enough so that the depth of the scene, in shooting portrait or close-up, often can not achieve the desired expression of the background of virtual effect, at this time we can use PS to do post-processing.

In order not to say I have to advertise the suspicion. I uploaded a picture that doesn't matter to my store baby, huh? This picture is taken directly using the camera's macro function, and has not been done in late processing, but is very close to the shooting. So as to make a clear effect. I'm here with examples of Western-style photos. If it is the other physical body, the housekeeping can be based on the physical size to shoot the biggest face of the picture on it.

Next, use PS to process this picture

First open a picture, the left side of the toolbar to select the Polygon Lasso tool, that is, I circled the red box, the mouse moved to the tool, hold down the left mouse button, will appear as shown

These drop down menus. Then select the second polygonal Lasso tool. When you move the mouse to the editing center, it becomes a polygon lasso tool.

The second step: when the mouse becomes a multilateral lasso shape, with the left button operation, every point to the corner to click the left and then continue to select, until the entire shape is selected, to the connection, the lasso will be more than one circle in the next, double-click the left key to the whole subject will become selected as my side of the black sweater chain set up. Start a lasso from one place at random. Straight

It's OK to surround the whole subject.

The third step is in the menu bar in a "select" option in the dropdown menu has a reverse, click on it. This time the background area is surrounded by dotted lines, which is the selected state. The following figure:

The fourth and third step is the same operation, but this time no longer select the "reverse", but select the Feather menu bar-select-Feather

Step Fifth: Set the feather radius. When the feather menu is pressed, a window pops up, based on the size of the original image, such as 2048x1536 pixel size, feather pixel (50) pixel original size 600x450, feather pixel (10) pixel you can set according to the situation. I set 50 here, as shown below: I have a 10 pixel radius set here. For reference only.

The sixth step is to set the child fuzzy: in the menu bar has a "filter" option, click, will pop up a drop-down menu. There's a "blur" option. Click on it and a Drop-down menu will pop up. Then choose "Lens blur" to the following figure:

Then select the lens blur, will jump out of the following window, the radius into the appropriate number, the good is done.

This side is also based on the size of the image to set the radius. For example, the original size is 2048x1536 pixel, radius (30-50) original size is 600x450, radius (10-15) pixel you can set according to the situation. I set it to 20 pixels here and I set it to 15 pixels, as shown below:

It's done, and we're going to compare it to the front of the picture that hasn't been PS yet. is not the background of the virtual AH.

Is it easy? Have you learned? Just a little bit of finger we can also make a very good picture, I hope that all the help, there is no understanding of friends can ask me. Let's go and have a try. Create the perfect picture for your store's baby.

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