Use recording macros, VBA Help, and network search

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In the final section of VBA learning, I would like to emphasize that to make good use of recording macros, Excel's Help and network search.

In the process of self-study VBA, I often say to use more-learn-think-more and Beginners self-study VBA also three big tools: Recording macros, VBA Help and network search. Make good use of these three kinds of words, many problems do not need the help of others can solve their own.

1, record the macro. From a tool/macro/Record New macro, you can convert the action before you stop recording the macro into VBA code. This allows you to record a macro without any knowledge of VBA. But recorded macros have limitations, but can be modified and processed to make the recorded code more complete. Recording macros can also be done to understand the object and method of Excel, as the initial learning of VBA, is a good way to learn and good assistants.

2, VBA Help. VBA Help includes descriptions of all of the attributes, objects, methods, and so on in Excel, and it is helpful to learn about all of the properties, objects, and methods of Excel by frequently reviewing VBA help in the process of learning VBA. In view of other people's Code, the unfamiliar word, as long as the cursor moved to it, and then press the F1 key, you can quickly detect the relevant help. In the Help Answer Wizard, we can also type in the relevant keywords to find what we need. When you can skillfully apply good help, your VBA level can be said to have taken a step.

3, the network search. The advantage of the network is the huge amount of information, and to find out what we need, the most basic is to use good search. Commonly used search such as Baidu, Google, etc., as long as the correct and reasonable type of keywords, you can find a lot of relevant information. And in a site, also often have their own site search, then use search can let us faster and easier to find the information we need.

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