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Users who use Rising Antivirus 2006 can use its password protection function to prevent unauthorized modification of anti-virus software settings. However, if you forget your password, you may have to be in a dilemma. At this time, not only cannot you change the settings of anti-virus software, but you cannot even uninstall the program, because the password is also required (figure 1 ). I was in this dilemma, but I used WinHex to easily find the password. In fact, even if you do not know or forget the rising password, you can easily find it through the following methods!

Step 1: run the anti-virus software of Rising Star and click "set"> "password protection". The "set password" window appears, enter a password in the "Enter the original password" column. For example, if the password is 9876543210, you do not need to enter the remaining one. Click "OK" and the "Incorrect password" appears immediately. Enter the password again. The password must contain uppercase and lowercase letters. Check whether Caps Lock is down due to negligence ." (Figure 2). Do not click "OK;

Step 2: Worker Process (figure 3 );

Step 3: Run WinHex, click "Tools"> "Open RAM" on the menu bar, and locate Rsconfig in the "Edit Main Memory" window that appears, click "Entire Memory" and "OK" to enable the data of the rsconfig.exe process in the Memory (figure 4 );

Step 4: click "Search"> "Find Text" in The WinHex menu bar, and enter The value entered in step 1 in The "The following text string will be searched" column in The window that appears: 9876543210. Click "OK" and the wrong password will be found immediately. Above it (specifically, at the memory address of 00994D30), we found a single string of 123002398 values (figure 5, this is the password we are trying to find! It can also be found that it actually comes from C: Program FilesRisingRavRsConfig. cfg file. However, if you open the file directly using WinHex and try to find the "123002398" string, it cannot be found because the string data has been encrypted. Believe it? Try it!

Finally, we should remind you not to let people know this method easily! Otherwise, your password protection is useless!

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