Use ROS to do intranet DNS server

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Reprint: use ROS to do intranet DNS server
1.ROS settings
IP-"DNS Select" Static "tab
Click "+", name casually, address fill your router intranet Ip,ttl default. "OK"
There should already be a DNS server name you just established,
and click "Settings", respectively, fill in the primary and secondary DNS address, select "Allow Remote Requeste"
Finally click "OK"
Client settings
Your DNS this into the address above
2. Internal domain name resolution, that is, the intranet server can be accessed through the domain name
Add a message to the DNS of ROS:
Dns-static Add a piece
Name= internal domain name, such as;
After L enter in the browser, it will go to time to access the ttp://

3.ros command clears the DNS cache

/IP DNS Cache flush
Clear local DNS cache in
Basic knowledge:
What is domain name resolution?
Domain name resolution is the process of converting a domain name to an IP address. IP address is the digital address that identifies your site on the network, in order to be easy to remember, the domain name is used instead of the IP address to identify the site address. The resolution of the domain name is done by the DNS server.
What is a record?
A (address) record is the IP address record used to specify the hostname (or domain name). Users can point the Web server under the domain name to their own Web server. You can also set the two-level domain name of your domain.
What is an MX record?
Message routing records, the user can point the mail server under the domain name to their own mail server, and then can control all mailbox settings on their own. Just fill in your server's IP address online, you can transfer all the mail under your domain name to the corresponding mail server.
What is a CNAME record?
That is, the alias record. This record allows you to map multiple names to the same computer. Typically used for computers that provide both WWW and mail services. For example, there is a computer named "" (a record). It also provides the WWW and mail services, in order to facilitate user access to services. You can set two aliases (CNAME) for this computer: www and mail. The names of the two aliases are and "". In fact they all point to "".
What is a TTL value? "I suggest you focus on it."
The full TTL value is "Time to live", which simply means that DNS records are cached on the DNS server for a time. To understand the TTL value, take a look at one of the following examples:
Suppose that there is such a domain name (in fact, this is a DNS record, usually indicates that there is a host named Myhost in the domain) corresponding IP address is, its TTL is 10 minutes. This domain name or this record is stored on a DNS server named
Now one user types the address (aka URL) in the browser: what happens then?
The designated DNS server for the visitor (or his ISP, Internet service provider, dynamically assigned to him) will try to explain to him, of course this DNS server because it does not contain this information, and therefore cannot be resolved immediately, but through the global DNS recursive query, the final location to this DNS server , This DNS server will the corresponding IP address tell this DNS server, and then by tell the user results. in order to speed up the resolution of this record, will just the results for a period of time, this is the TTL time, in this period of time if the user has to this record resolution request, it directly tells the user, when T The TL expires and then repeats the above process.

Use ROS to do intranet DNS server

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