Use sketchup, 3dmax, and skyline for modeling

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Skyline is much better than ESRI's arcglobe in 3D model display. It is very smooth and does not disappear-display-disappear during refresh. This is my first thought after using globe and skyline.

Importing the sketchup model to skyline has a lot to note about. For tepro5.1.1.20, you can directly click to export the model. the Collada file in Dae format is enough, but can only export the model. 3DS file, import it to 3dmax, and export it. only files in the X format can be loaded to skyline for display. This process is complex and prone to problems. Here, we will summarize and keep updating ......

1. Models taken from other places or downloaded from the Internet generally have many hidden problems. check and correct the problems first after obtaining the information:

(1) Click "monochrome" in the "style" Toolbar of sketchup to check whether the model surface is reversed. After the model with the opposite side is exported, the corresponding position is not displayed, empty model appears.

(2) Attention should be paid to two issues when using the linear graphic surface of CAD:

① When a rectangular box is surrounded, the problem may be that there is a breakpoint on the side of the rectangular box. In this case, you need to search and delete the short broken line to reconnect the growing line.

② Vertical processing should be performed on the bottom line of the model, especially the building. Otherwise, problems may occur when the model is increased.


2. You must use a straw tool instead of clicking the texture directly. Otherwise, many duplicate materials will be generated during the final export.

3. when exporting a model from sketchup, You need to center the model position in 3dmax. The operation is to first combine the model into a group and move the Group position (multiple models cannot be moved without groups ).

4. The pasters in sketchup are normal, and the pasters in 3DS are displayed in disorder. You can try another version of 3dmax.

5. some models show normal texture in 3dmax, but are exported. there is no texture after the X file. The solution is to collapse the model in 3dmax (select the model -- On the right "Tools" page -- "collapse ")

Select "multiple objects"

6. environment brightness of the three software: sketchup> skyline> 3 DMAX. Therefore, the texture of the model in the sketchup is quite dark, and the output will be darker. You must first increase the brightness of the texture in the sketchup.

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