Use Smudge tool to turn pet photos to painting effect

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There are a lot of ways to paint the picture, and here's a very good way to do it with the smudge tool. Process: First to beautify and polish the picture, and then reduce the opacity of the layer, and create a new layer, with a set of smudge tools to gently smear will produce a similar painting effect, the details of the need to reduce the size of the brush, and then manually add some details and textures.


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Final effect

1. Take a look at the pet photo below, and you'll find two places to adjust: two straps and too close to the puppy's chair foot.

2. Select the Polygon Lasso tool, create a selection along the foot profile of the Chair, and select Edit > Fill to use content recognition.

3, click OK, PS will automatically according to the selection around the background and select similar pixel fill. The effect is shown in the following illustration.

4, apply the same method to dispose of the tape, after processing, press Ctrl+d to cancel the selection.

5, the picture of the dog's nose a bit dirty, these stains and spots will distract attention, so also to eliminate. The Healing Brush tool is used here.

6, adjust the Puppy eye section below. Add a new layer, named "Black Eyes", the use of soft black brush, the eye peripheral darkened. It looks a little scary now, but it's good to be back.

7, select the Pen tool, draw a crescent-shaped, and then fill the brown #c07c3e. The outline of the new Iris is not too much to mind, as it will not be apparent in the process of being portrayed.

8, in order to make the iris look more lifelike, double click the eye shape layer, and then set the inner shadow effect, set uncheck use Global light, angle -79°, size 10 pixels.

Set inside glow, opacity 53%, source Center, block 15%, size 8 pixels.

Sets the image overlay, blending mode is brightness, opacity 48%, scaling 65%.

Sets the projection, blending mode to screen, color #d79356, not using global light, angular -119°, distance 4 pixels, size 4 pixels.

9, the layer style is set well, the effect as shown below.

10, select the Mobile tool, and then press ALT drag, so you can copy the iris shape of the eye layer.

11, usually, the painting color will be more saturated than the photo. Select Layer > New adjustment layer > Natural saturation to set natural saturation of +88, so that the color saturation of the photo will be deeper.

12, the puppy's nose can increase the pink hue. Select Layer > New adjustment layer > Hue/saturation to set hue 359, saturation 33, lightness-33.

13, click the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer mask thumbnail, and then select Fill Black, the color effect hidden.

14, select the Brush tool, double-click the foreground color, choose White. Then right click on the canvas, bring up the Brush property panel, set the size to 40 pixels, hardness 50%, brush style as shown in the following figure.


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