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The use of soft tones in Web pages is not just a recent trend, it is a technique that designers have used for years to create an impact visual effect.

When you hear the word "soft," you may think of light pink, pale blue, and yellowish color, but this color is far more than that. Softness does not necessarily feel like a newborn. These tones can also be quite distinct, in some appropriate way, with other elements.

Here we go from the excellent case website to learn 10 ways to use soft tones in web design.

Soft photos.

The soft mask layer on the photo, or the photo taken in the proper lighting environment, can be a superb site background. The more elegant the color of the picture, the more areas the designer will have to place other elements.

Using soft photos also helps contrast with other elements, such as logos or buttons. Notice how perfect the Solasie logo is with the pastel-toned photos. This thought can also highlight the Phantom button.

  Soft background color

A soft background color is a good idea to use a variety of colors without being aggressive. Because the softer tones are more elegant, the canvas can use a larger area of color, but it will not feel too strong.

A common trend in dealing with soft background colors is to use a single tone color scheme to change the shades of a color like dear Mum. A single hue can produce a wonderful visual contrast with white text elements. With the right font, this technique can also create a stylish modern sense.

A bright, soft color

Although you don't usually equate "stark" with "soft," this kind of color will help you create bold designs. Because the softer color is easy to take a backseat, it's a great choice if you want to move around it.

Marie Catrib is doing well in this area. The soft color here is quite sharp, but it does not seem to be distracting, you can see this from the color block from the head to steal a peek at the woman. The bright soft color helps you to find and focus on the picture, and the full soft background impact will be slightly inferior.

Soft tones create an atmosphere

How do you want visitors from your site to feel? Soft colors are good at creating a sense of calm, relaxation, and moderation. If these emotions can describe your site or company, it may be the right choice.

Sweez did a great job, creating such emotional links through color. Everything in the picture has a soft, elegant hue. It makes you think of sitting in a quiet and peaceful place and enjoying a nice cup of warm cappuccino. See, how effective this simple color is.

Pastel colored illustrations

Soft color is also an excellent choice for illustration. Use this color concept to create a work that makes the user stop and watch.

The pastel-toned illustrations combine with some sort of calming painting and color. It makes the use of painting unexpected.

Contrast with soft colors

Soft colors do not have to be created out of thin air. It is a good way to compare with other design elements.

Kinder Fotografie is doing very well in this area, using soft colors and bright pictures and text. The soft color part of the design contains a lot of small details, but first you see pictures of children and words "smiles". Then the user began to notice these exquisite details.

Soft-colored navigation

Soft tones are also a means of creating excellent navigation. Usually, designers will design black and white navigation bar for the website, but color is also useful here.

Soft colors can be used as a means of navigation because they avoid the design of other parts. For example, in wonderfully wild, users first see photos and react. Navigation elements are well integrated with the main content, but because of color selection, it does not hinder the main visual content.

Soft tones in flat design

Most of the softer tones we see today are not flat designs. All the bright colors that designers like, they turn into the super bright, elegant version of a flat design.

The advantage of using a soft hue in a flat design project is that the color retains the same feeling and overall appearance, but not too oppressive to attract attention. Using soft colors and flat-style colors in your Web site, it is easier to guide users through color to specific areas of the screen, or to emphasize important text elements.

 Soft color text

Designers are more than just using soft tones in pictures and backgrounds. This color style can also be used in text. (although this will be very subtle)

The softer color is best used in coarse font style, with a more simple background to create a sharp contrast. Use large characters with thick strokes to make sure that you have more soft colors on your screen. This concept is usually used for a small number of letters or combinations of words, not for text.

Soft-Tonal interface elements

Using soft colors as part of an interface element is an interesting concept. This is another "pattern" of the flat design concept, where buttons and other elements can be used in soft colors.

Duy Tran's website, each soft color area is actually a very large button. These soft colors tell the user which piece is which, so that each is easy to click (or Touch). These tones are prominent because they are in sharp contrast to the minimalist main plot area. (Each card in the carousel differs from these soft tones buttons)


The key to using pastel colors is to make it look fresh, not fade. Match the softer tones with the darker, sharper images or white elements you expect, helping to create a soft color with impact.

Soft tones are born with a relaxing and dispassionate idea. It is in your interest to use this color scheme in web design. Keep in mind how colors interact with the rest of the overall design.

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