Use the command line tool to convert an Android app to a BlackBerry PlayBook app

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Yesterday I wrote an article about Android app conversion. I used BlackBerry's online Conversion Tool to convert Android apps into BlackBerry PlayBook apps. Some netizens reported that the method was a bit difficult, so today we need to add a new conversion method: Use the command line tool to convert the Android Application to the BlackBerry PlayBook application.

The first thing to note is that the command line tool is easy to use, but it has certain requirements for users. Although there are many steps to use online web pages for conversion, the operation is relatively simple. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the online conversion tool from the previous blog post.

If you want to use the command line tool for conversion, You need to download the command line tool from the BlackBerry manager network, as shown below:

The downloaded file is a zip file named After decompression, A commandlinw.lsforrepackagingapktobar directory is provided. The bin directory is the directory where the command line tool is located.

Add the preceding bin directory to the path environment variable and enter the command line interface to start the conversion.

Note: This tool is executed in java and JRE needs to be installed.

There are three main tools used:

Apk2bar: used to convert an Android apk file to a PlayBook bar file.

Blackberry-signer: used to sign the generated bar File

Blackberry-deploy: Used to deploy bar files and upload bar files to PlayBook.

Apk2bar usage:

Apk2bar <apk file name to be converted>

Apk2bar example:

Apk2bar MyHello.apk

Blackberry-signer usage:

Blackberry-signer-storepass <Certificate file Password> <name of the bar file to be signed>

Example of blackberry-signer:

Blackberry-signer-storepass mypassword MyHello. bar

Blackberry-deploy usage:

Blackberry-deploy-installApp-device <PlayBook IP address>-package <bar File Name>-password <PlayBook password>

Example of blackberry-deploy:

Blackberry-deploy-installApp-device MyHello. bar-password 1234

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