Use the Dismemberment method to make PowerPoint XP work.

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A. Rotate clip art with dismemberment method

After inserting clip art in a presentation, if you feel that one of the parts is not angled to rotate, the PPT does not support the relevant instructions, it is annoying. Don't worry, I figured out a little trick to keep you satisfied.

Workaround: Right-click Clip Art, pop-up shortcut menu, select "Ungroup" in the "group" command, when the picture is "scattered", you can rotate or drag each part of the operation.

Note: The previous version of POWERPOINTXP can not rotate the whole piece of clip art or use this method, and then combine to activate the Rotate button after "scatter".

Second, the use of dismemberment method to make clip art more flexible color

After inserting the clip art, if you find the color collocation unreasonable, you will definitely choose the Picture toolbar, "recolor the picture." At first glance it was good, but a change of question came. For example, if you want to change some of the black in the painting to red, it changes all the black to red, too stiff. What to do?


(1) Right-click the clip, and then break the picture by selecting the Ungroup command on the group menu.

(2) Select the part of the object you want to change (some can be decomposed).

(3) Double click on the picture and select the color you want in the Fill box that pops up. This makes it much more flexible to change colors.

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