Use the Eyecandy plugin to make 3D animated GIF animation

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1. Create a new 150*100px size canvas, with a "star tool" to draw a four-leaf grass pattern, add a "Solid color shadow filter" mirror.

Press F8 to convert to an animation component, set to turn over 360 degrees with 21 frames. Don't forget to remove frame 21 from the frame panel. Then frame 1 is selected.

Figure 1

2. This step is a core effect. Add a EyeCandy4.0 "motion trace" filter for this animated instance, and the parameters are freely selected.

You can see how the filter simulates the 3d effect by pressing the play button.

Figure 2

3. Finally create a new layer, put the title and signature, put the layer at the top, the hook selected "share overlapping frames."

An imitation 3D animated GIF is K.O 3 steps.

Figure 3

End: When animating with filters, I found that sometimes the effect of applying a filter to a combination of several animation elements is different.

Have you tried it? Try using a variety of filters, make a wonderful animation effect bar!

Figure 4

R: There are three other works that simply describe the techniques they use.

1. The gear painting uses the "automatic shape" of the "gear". A solid shadow filter is applied to an animated instance of rotation.

2. A combination of all the symbol instances, then add the inner shadow, drop shadow, and solid shadow filters, and apply these filters to the combination of instances, and it looks like a small star melts out of the big stars.

3. Only one layer, set to share overlapping frames, a combination of eye graphic instances and tear animation instances, then apply the Glow filter, so that tears seem to melt from the eyes. Of course, the frame delay should be reduced continuously, simulating the process from suspension to freefall of the tear drop.

Figure 5

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