Use the color picker to match the colors on the PowerPoint2013 slide

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Are you tired of trying to accurately match the colors of shapes and pictures, with the rest of the PowerPoint2013 presentation, to provide a cohesive look for your slides? Use the new color picker in PowerPoint to do the work for you.

Double-click the shape or other object that you want to match the color to. (Yes, you can select more than one color.) Press Ctrl and click the shape. And then click any of the color options, such as shape fill in the shape styles group on the Format tab under drawing Tools .

Using the picker, click the color you want to match and apply it to the selected shape or object.

When you move the pointer around a different color, a live preview of the color is displayed. Hover or pause over a color to see its RGB (red, green, blue) color coordinates. Click the color that you want. When many colors gather together, to get the exact color you want, the more accurate way is to press ENTER or SPACEBAR to select the color.

To cancel the color picker without selecting any color, press ESC.

  Tip You can also match colors anywhere on the screen. After you click the color picker , click and hold the mouse button when you drag the mouse to the color you want to match. When you move out of PowerPoint, the picker disappears, but the color is still previewed and matched by the system.

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