Use the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plug-in to automatically back up wordpress

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Using Dropbox to back up WordPress is a pretty good method. Dropbox is a software used to synchronize data between networks and different computers. Currently, new users can register Dropbox to obtain 2 GB storage space. If they upgrade to paying users, the space will be larger, you will also get more services and support. However, for ordinary bloggers who want to use WordPress, the main reason is to back up website data, so the 2 GB storage capacity is enough. This article mainly describes how to back up WordPress to Dropbox through plug-ins.

There is also a plug-in WordPress Backup to Dropbox, which can be used to back up WordPress. I personally think it is quite good and recommended for you. Before using Dropbox, do not forget to register a Dropbox account first!

1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to Dropbox this plug-in is used to automatically and periodically back up WordPress files and their SQL databases. After the plug-in is installed, you will be asked if you are authorized to access your account in Dropbox. If you agree, A Dropbox window is displayed, and you are also asked whether to authorize the plug-in to access your account. Once you agree, the plug-in will automatically obtain your Dropbox account information (which can be seen on the plug-in background configuration option page). Then, start setting up the backup WordPress. You can choose whether to back up data to Dropbox or back up data to the server where your blog is located. No matter which method, after you set the backup time and cycle, everything will be automatic, you don't have to worry about data loss.

2. BackWPup

This plug-in can do more for you:

• Database backup
• Export WordPress XML files
• WordPress database optimization
• Check and fix WordPress databases
• Supported backup formats include zip, tar, tar.gz or tar.bz2
• Back up WordPress to a specified folder
• Back up WordPress to the FTP server
• Back up WordPress to Amazon S3
• Back up WordPress to Microsoft Azure (blog)
• Back up WordPress to RackSpaceCloud
• Back up WordPress to DropBox
• Back up WordPress to SugarSync
• Send backup records or backup files by Email

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