Use the getenv function to obtain various CGI Environment Variables

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QUERY_STRING query information passed to the program
Remote_host the remote host name that the user sends the request
Remote_addr remote IP address that the user sends the request
Authentication method used to determine the legality of the user
Remote_user user's legal name
Remote_ident: the user who sends the request
Mime Type in content_type query data
The length of content_length, measured in bytes or number of characters.
Http_form user sends the request email message
List of MIME types acceptable to http_accept Client
The response handler used by the http_user_agent client to send a request
CGI version used by gateway_interface Server
Host Name or IP address of SERVER_NAME Server
Server_software: the name and version of the server software that responds to the client request
Server_protocol indicates the name or version of the protocol used to transmit information.
Port number being executed by server_port Server
Request_method Method
Extra path passed by path_info to CGI program
Path_translated has the transfer version of the specified path in path_info.
Virtual Path during script_name Program Execution
Path of the file service provided by the document_root Network
Http_referer: The File URL specified by the client before reading the CGI program

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