Use the Google Map API to display your Google Map on the BLOG

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Dangdang ~ Please refer to the link below. Haha, do you see it as a molt, HOO ~
Haha, have a good time ~ Do you want to create one? Follow Me ~

Step 1
Go to to apply for a Google Maps API key, of course, you have to have a top-level domain name... If you do not apply for a random domain name, you will not be able to use this domain name...
Google will give you a piece of code to save ~

Step 2
Open the, take a look at the source code inside, I have written instructions, you just do it, HOHO ~ The main code is at the bottom ~

Step 3
Change the Google Maps API key applied in step 1 to the same code as the secret in the code...

Step 4
Which PNG icon in the code is hard to find? Search for it online... Do not create one by yourself ~
Well, we cannot find the coordinates. Please refer to step 4.

Step 5
Find your location and click "Link to this page" in the upper-right corner"
Get a like this? F = q & hl = en & q = china & ll = 35.86166, 104.195397 & spn = 32.116109, 88.242188 & t = h
Note that the numbers 35.86166 and 104.195397 are the coordinates of the current map center.
Put the number after the comma in front of the comma to 104.195397, 35.86166
Then add the number to the code where you want to add it ~

Step 6
Use your imagination according to the prompts in the code, and then do something ~ Let me know what it is. Let me see it too ~
For example, I want to create a friendship link, HOHO ~ Please refer to Step 5 to tell me the coordinates you want to mark on the map of my links. HOHO ~

Step 7
Well, I hope you will always come here over the past few days, because there is a good stuff to tell you ~ HOHO ~

<Div id = "map" style = "width: 600px; height: 400px; border: 1px solid #979797"> </div>
<! -- Set the preceding code to the width and height of the map. You can modify the values and do not change the ID. -->

<Script src = " File = api & v = 1 & key = Example "type =" text/javascript "> </script>
<! -- This is the Google Map API verification code, use your own website to go to the review please A -->

<Script type = "text/javascript">
// <! [CDATA [

Function createMarker (point, baseIcon,</

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