Use the Heroku cloud service on Ubuntu to publish a database of rails applications

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The program was originally used by the Sqlite3 database.

Modify the Gemfile file to add PG support for Heroku deployment
Group:p Roduction Do
# Gems specifically for Heroku go
Gem "PG"

Bundle Install

Precompile some files, otherwise there will be an error on the Heroku
Bundle EXEC Rake Assets:precompile

Publish application to GitHub top
$ git Add.
$ git commit-a-M "Done with the demo app"
Done with the Demo app, add Heroku PG database support
$ git push

Publish application to Heroku server
$ Heroku Create
$ git push Heroku Master
$ Heroku Rake db:migrate

$ heroku Rename Berryreloaddemoapp

I can now test my database application on the Heroku cloud server.



Use the Heroku cloud service on Ubuntu to publish rails applications


If you execute a command

$ bundle EXEC Rake Assets:precompile

The error is as follows:
Rake aborted!
Undefined method ' Prerequisites ' for Nil:nilclass
(For the full trace by running task with--trace)

Execute command again

$ bundle EXEC Rake Assets:precompile--trace

The error is as follows:

Rake aborted!
Undefined method ' Prerequisites ' for Nil:nilclass
/usr/local/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/rspec-rails-2.0.1/lib/rspec/rails/tasks/rspec.rake:3:in ' <top ( Required) > '

Conclusion is rspec-rails-2.0.1 and rake, rails 3.1.3 incompatible, need to be upgraded

Upgrade Method:

Modify the gemfile of the project to remove the Rspec-rails version number if you set the Rspec-rails version number according to the textbook Ruby on Rails 3 tutorial.

Group:d Evelopment Do
Gem ' Rspec-rails '

Group:test do
Gem ' RSpec '
Gem ' Webrat '

Final Execution command

$ bundle Update Rspec-rails

The results show an upgrade to Rspec-rails 2.8.1

Execution of command again succeeded.

$ bundle EXEC Rake Assets:precompile

And then

$ git Add.

$ git commit-am "done with static pages and precompile for Heroku"

$ git push

$ git push Heroku

$ Heroku Rake db:migrate

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