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With the help of the Axialis iconworkshop icon making software, we can turn a lot of our favorite pictures into desktop icons, but sometimes we want to have some more unique icons, this time we need to draw an icon.

Icon making software official IconWorkshop download address:

First open the icon making software, and then create a new project, you can click "New" Under the "Windows Icon Project", or directly with the shortcut key Ctrl+w key combination, you can create a new project window, and then click OK, you can draw in the pop-up window.

Today we're going to start by drawing a ball type, and the toolbar on the right side of the icon making software, select the "Solid ellipse" tool in the toolbar, and then select "Light Gradient" in the gradient below, in the color board, left the button to select a color, where I choose the dark blue, the background is transparent by default, do not have to modify, If you need to change, you can use the right button to choose the background.

Then hold down the SHIFT key to draw a circle on the artboard, because the gradient of the selection of the relationship, so it will present a spherical shape, see this icon to make software drawing function is still relatively strong.

Then we choose the Text tool, in the sphere input some text, you can adjust the specific shape and color of the text according to their preferences, in the Image Color column can change the image of the projection, so you can add some icing on the surface, make the picture more realistic. Need to be reminded that the icon production software text type is the extraction of computer fonts, so if you want to better look at the font, you can download some fonts installed on it.

After completing this step, the icon is drawn even if it is finished, click the Save button, save the icon, and then replace the default icon to use. You can say that this icon is very simple, this is because it is entirely by drawing, no use of some material, and the icon making software many features are not used, but this is just the first step to draw the icon, but also one of their own attempts, and other directly to use the icon compared to this icon to add text, So more have their own hands on the effect of production.

In fact, with the Axialis iconworkshop icon making software, the drawing icon will be more and more simple, our desktop will be more and more beautiful.

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