Use the minimum single-chip microcomputer system with the hand handle on the bread Board (reference the minimum single-chip microcomputer system to make a complete illustration [zz])

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You do not need to buy a download device, you do not need to draw a PCB, you do not need to make a plate, you can manually play the circuit.


Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


DuForeign Personal space excellence remains, committed to the entry-level teaching of single chip microcomputer technology, to bring you to experience the ultimate design of the single chip microcomputer minimum system. A complete illustration shows smart deduction!

This is the minimum System for Single-Chip Microcomputer and ISP download circuit. It is suitable for beginners to get started quickly. Low components, high production success rate, strong modification and scalability. The single-chip microcomputer uses stc12c2052 and has built-in reset and clock Oscillator Circuits. It can work independently without the need for peripheral circuits. Serial Port ISP download function, 20-pin dip encapsulation, can replace the traditional. This article will be used in my upcoming new book "Introduction to single chip microcomputer White Paper (tentative name)", and will contain more detailed introductions and subsequent application development. Stay tuned!

Use a bread board as the basis of the minimum single-chip system board

Electrical Structure of the bread content

All components required for this production

Battery Box: three batteries are used to provide V working voltage for the single chip microcomputer system, simplifying the complex power supply voltage regulation and filter circuit.

Battery Box self-mounted Switch

The red line is positive (+) and the black line is negative (-)

Single-Chip Microcomputer: Using stc12c2052ad built-in RC oscillator, reset circuit, and AD (modulus conversion) Function

Level Chip: Uses maxcompute as the level conversion chip downloaded from the computer serial port

Capacitor: External Capacitor used for maxcompute Oscillation

Serial Port: Using RS232-D9 type master, visual computer serial port different and choose

Cable: three lines in one group, used as the serial port extension line

Led: used in the experiment of the minimum single-chip microcomputer system. Please use LEDs with high driving voltage values. Otherwise, 1 k euro throttling resistance must be connected in series.

Resistance: used to connect maxcompute to the serial interface of stc12c2052ad. It can also be replaced by wires.

Wire: used for power (red) and ground (black) connections

USB to RS232 module: use this module to expand the serial port on a computer without a serial port.

(Click to enlarge)
Circuit schematic diagram: the following design is based on the schematic diagram.

Production Process

Weld the cables and serial ports and use a heat-shrinkable tube to protect them. Connect two (rxd), three (txd), and five (Gnd) serial numbers respectively)

Wire Tinning with a soldering iron at the end of the cable to make it hard and easy to insert into the bread

Finished serial connection line

Prepare the bread. We only use a small portion in the middle.

Insert stc12c2052ad to the minimum surface of the bread

Insert a maxcompute chip in the blank space

Insert the 0.1uf capacitor to the first, third, and fourth and fifth ends of the maxcompute chip.

Insert the 0.1uf capacitor to the 2 and 16 ends of the maxcompute Chip

Insert the 0.1uf capacitor on the 6 or 15 feet of the maxcompute Chip

Insert a 100 euro resistor on the 12-pin and stc12c2052ad of the maxcompute chip.

Insert 100 euro resistance on the 11-foot and 3-foot of the maxcompute chip stc12c2052ad

Insert a serial extension cable, and connect to the ports 2, 3, and 5 corresponding to the 14, 13, and 15 feet of the maxcompute chip respectively.

Insert the LED, and connect the led positive pole to the 20-pin stc12c2052 single chip microcomputer, and the 19-pin led negative pole to the single chip microcomputer.

Connect the 16-pin of the maxcompute chip with the 20-pin of the stc12c2052 Microcontroller with a red wire

Connect the 15 pin of the maxcompute chip with the 10 pin of the stc12c2052 Microcontroller with a black wire

Connect the Red Line (positive pole) of the battery box to the 20 ends of the microcontroller, and the black line (negative pole) to the 10 ends of the microcontroller.

Connect the serial cable to the USB to serial port module or the PC serial port

Hardware partially completed

Download STC-ISP download programming burning software ( to the official website of hongjing Technology /)

In the "Device Manager" of the PC, find the serial port number of the connected serial port (which varies depending on the PC ).

Select the single-chip microcomputer Model stc12c2052ad according to the software instructions

Open the Hex file in the following project package

Project package download: File Name: first project .rar
: Http://

Select the corresponding serial port number (my computer is com4) and click "download/download" in step 5.

Turn on the power switch on the battery box

After the power is turned on, the system starts to write programs to the Microcontroller

The following figure indicates that the program has been downloaded.

The microcontroller will automatically reset and start running the program, and the LED on the lab board will start to flash

This article is the original content of DU Yang's personal space. For more information, see the source and link.


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