Use the package program provided by Vs to package the web program. Error 1603 occurs during win7 installation.

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Packaging with vs2005 recentlyProgramPackage A web program and install it in win7. There is always an error. Double-click the installation program to bring it up:

It is good to install it on an XP machine. It is also good to install it on another win7 machine. As a result, the installer is certainly correct, and may be caused by different settings of the two machines. However, it does not report the specific error. I had to find it in Windows system logs. Fortunately, there were related records.

Find the message from "msiinstaller" and double-click

Check that "installation successful or error status: 1603" is displayed above. In contrast to the message of successful installation on other computers, the message returned after successful installation is 0 instead of 1603, search for installation on the Internet and Return Error 1603.

The result is a very abstract error. This error will be returned after many problems are encountered during the installation process, which is not specific at all. Finally, find a foreigner'sArticleIt is the log for starting the installation program. During installation, a log file for MSI *. log will be generated in c: \ Users \ USERNAME \ appdata \ Local \ temp. View the log file, which contains detailed records.

The general computer does not record this log file by default. You need to modify the registry option, start the "command prompt" in the attachment, and run the following command

1:Reg add"HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Installer"/V debug/T REG_DWORD/D 7/F


3:Reg add"HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Installer"/V logging/T REG_SZ/d voicewarmupx! /F


Then restart your Installer. It must be wrong and cannot be installed. But it doesn't matter. Check your c: \ Users \ USERNAME \ appdata \ Local \ temp, an MSI * is generated *. log File. For example, my computer generates the following log files:

Open this log file. Search for "Return Value 3". If it is a Chinese operating system, search for "Return Value 3". Then, check the preceding lines, there is a specific error message.

The error I reported above is

Settargetsite customaction webca_settargetsite returned actual error code 1603

I will search for this error and renew it on this website.

The solution is to set IIS to be compatible with iis6. we know that IIS 7.0 and later versions are used in win7. I use vs2005 for packaging, and because it is a web program, therefore, it may need to work in IIS6 compatible mode.

I tried to open "add or delete WINDOWS function" in the control panel and compare the two computers. I found that the computer was successfully installed, IIS6 compatibility has been set. If the installation fails, it is not set. I made settings on the computer on which the installation failed, so that it is compatible with IIS6. Just Tick it.

Then reinstall the application. The installation is successful. Solve the problem smoothly.



1. When you view the log file, you will find such a statement:

Vsdneturlmsg = this installer requires. NET Framework Version 2.0.50727. Install the. NET Framework Version and then run it again. You can obtain the. NET Framework from the web. Do you want to do this now?

Property (c): vsdiismsg = this installer requires Internet Information Server 4.0 or later, and Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or later. This installer cannot be installed on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME. Install Internet Information Server and run the installation program again.

Property (c): vsduiandadvertised = the published application is not installed because it may be insecure. Contact the Administrator to change the installation User Interface Options of the package to basic.

Property (c): vsdnetmsg = this installer requires. NET Framework 2.0.50727. Install the. NET Framework Version and then run it again.

Property (c): vsdinvalidurlmsg = the specified path '[2]' is not available. The Internet Information Server may not be running or the path has been redirected to another computer. Check the status of the virtual directory in Internet Services Manager.

Many people mistakenly think that the Framework version is incorrect. I found that even if it is successfully installed, such information will appear in its log file, which proves that this is not the cause of the error. So when you are looking for an error, remember to find the first few rows of "reutrn value 3" or the first few rows of "Return Value 3". This is the real error.


2. to allow the system to record the installed log files, we have modified the registry and added two keys. If you are afraid of generating unnecessary junk log files in the future, the last step is to delete the two keys, so that they will not be allowed to record the log file in the future. The method to delete the key is to run the following command:

Reg Delete "HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Installer"/V debug/F

Reg Delete "HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Installer"/V logging/F



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