Use the source code to compile and install Apache + MySQL + PHP + phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu

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Operating system: ubuntu12.04LTS (64-bit): check the C compiler, C ++ compiler, make, and cmake required to compile the latest mysql version. Run the following command to check whether the compiler software is installed: dpkg & ndash; l | grepfilename to check gcc in sequence,

Operating system: ubuntu12.04LTS (64-bit)

The steps for compiling and installation are as follows:

Check the installed compilation tool

C compiler, C ++ compiler, make, and cmake required for compiling the latest mysql version.

The command to check whether the compiler software is installed is:

dpkg –l | grep filename

Check whether gcc, g ++, make, and cmake are installed in sequence.

Check whether software installed by default is available and uninstall it.

If you have installed Apache, mysql, and php, you need to stop the service and uninstall the previous software before working.

Uninstall software commands

apt-get remove –purge softnamedpkg –r xxx.deb
Compile and install libxml2

: Libxml2-2.9.0.tar.gz


You can also download it through git:

git clone git://
cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf libxml2-2.9.0.tar.gzcd libxml2-2.9.0./configure –prefix=/usr/local/libxml2makesudo make install
Compile and install libmcrypt

: Libmcrypt-2.5.7.tar.gz

Remote download:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf libmcrypt-2.5.7.tar.gzcd libmcrypt-2.5.7./configure --prefix=/usr/local/libmcryptmakesudo make install
Compile and install zlib

: Zlib-1.2.8.tar.gz

Remote download:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf zlib-1.2.8.tar.gzcd zlib-1.2.8./configuremakesudo make install

Note that the installation path of the zlib library cannot be specified during installation; otherwise, the zlib location cannot be found during the installation of the library, and the path manually specified cannot be solved.

Install libpng Library

: Libpng-1.6.7.tar.gz

Original Download:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf libpng-1.6.7.tar.gzcd libpng-1.6.7./configure --prefix=/usr/local/libpngmakesudo make install

If a specific installation path is specified for the zlib library in the previous step, the system will prompt zlib that there is no installation problem during configure, and return to the zlib source code for execution.

Make clean re-compile and install

Install iis6

: Repeated src.v6b.tar.gz

Remote download:

You need to manually create the directory required for installation. it cannot be automatically created during installation.

mkdir /usr/local/jpeg6mkdir /usr/local/jpeg6/binmkdir /usr/local/jpeg6/libmkdir /usr/local/jpeg6/includemkdir –p /usr/local/jpeg6/man/man1cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gzcd jpeg-6b./configure --prefix=/usr/local/jpeg6 –enable-shared –enable-staticmakesudo make install

Possible error: make:./libtool: command not found (solution reference this article: Linux installation jpeg-6b error:./libtool command not found)

Install freetype

: Freetype-2.4.10.tar.gz

Remote download 1:

Remote download 2:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf freetype-2.4.10.tar.gzcd freetype-2.4.10./configure --prefix=/usr/local/freetypemakesudo make install

For error information and solutions, refer to this article: how to compile and install freetype in Linux and how to solve the error. This article: make: [install] Error 1 (ignore) and how to solve the error.

Install the autoconf Library

: Autoconf-2.68.tar.gz

Remote download:

To install autoconf, you need to install m4 software. otherwise, configure will not pass, and it is best to install it by default without specifying the prefix. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to install php extensions later.

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf autoconf-2.68.tar.gzcd autoconf-2.68./configuremakesudo make install
Install the gd Library

: Gd-2.0.35.tar.gz

Remote download:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf gd-2.0.35.tar.gzcd gd-2.0.35./configure --prefix=/usr/local/gd2 --with-jpeg=/usr/local/jpeg6 --with-png=/usr/local/libpng --with-freetype=/usr/local/freetypemakesudo make install

When installing the gd Library, the png library cannot be found. in this case, you need to manually modify the gd_png.c file and find

# Include "png. h"

Change it to the actual png Library location (find it in the libpng installation directory, in this example/usr/local/libpng/include/png. h)

Install the Apache server

: Httpd-2.2.26.tar.gz

Remote download:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf httpd-2.2.26.tar.gzcd httpd-2.2.26./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2 --sysconfdir=/etc/httpd --with-include-apr --disable-userdir --enable-so --enable-deflate=shared --enable-expires=shared --enable-rewrite=shared --enable-static-supportmakesudo make install

When installing Apache, the dependent libraries may occur. you need to install apr and apr-util in advance. the installation method of pcre is normal compilation and installation (refer to this article: Use source code compilation and installation of apache2.2.26 in Ubuntu)

Enable apache service

cp /usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl /sbin/apachectl startnetstat -tnl | grep 80vim /etc/rc.loacl
Install mysql database

: Mysql-5.5.25a.tar.gz

Remote download: R = http % 3A % 2F % % 2 Fprojects % 2Fmysql. mirror % 2 Ffiles % 2 FMySQL % 25205.25a % 2F & ts = 1393564528 & use_mirror = hivelocity

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf mysql-5.5.25a.tar.gzcd mysql-5.5.25acmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/mysql -DMYSQL_DATADIR=/usr/local/mysql/data -DEXTRA_CHARSETS=all -DDEFAULT_CHARSET=utf8 -DDEFAULT_COLLATION=utf8_general_ci -DWITH_READLINE=1 -DWITH_SSL=bundled -DWITH_EMBEDDED_SERVER=1 -DENABLED_LOCAL_INFILE=1 -DWITH_INNOBASE_STORAGE_ENGINE=1 -DWITHOUT_PARTITION_STORAGE_ENGINE=1 -DWITH_DEBUG=0makesudo make install

For installation errors and solutions, refer to this article: Ubuntu12.04 compilation and installation of MySQL 5 errors and solutions

Create a mysql User

groupadd mysqluseradd -r -g mysql mysql

Permission settings and authorization table installation

cd /usr/local/mysqlchown -R mysql .chgrp -R mysql .scripts/mysql_install_db --user=mysqlchown -R root .chown -R mysql data

Create a configuration file

cp support-files/my-medium.cnf /etc/my.cnf

Start mysql service

bin/mysqld_safe --user=mysql&netstat -tnl | grep 3306

Configure mysql service

cp support-files/mysql.server /etc/init.d/mysqlsudo update-rc.d mysql defaultschkconfig --add mysqlchkconfig mysql on

User Account Control

bin/mysql -urootmysql> DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE Host='localhost' AND User='';mysql>SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost'=PASSWORD('123456');

Startup error: unable to start Couldn't find MySQL server (/usr/bin/mysqld_safe )"

sudo rm?/etc/mysql/my.cnf

You can.

Install PHP5.3

: Php-5.3.28.tar.gz

Remote download 1:

Remote download 2:

cd /usr/local/srctar –zvxf php-5.3.28.tar.gzcd php-5.3.28./configure --prefix=/usr/local/php --with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php/etc --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs --with-pdo-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-mysqli=/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config --with-libxml-dir=/usr/local/libxml2 --with-png-dir=/usr/local/libpng --with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local/jpeg6 --with-freetype-dir=/usr/local/freetype --with-gd=/usr/local/gd2 --with-mcrypt=/usr/local/libmcrypt --enable-soap --enable-mbstring=all --enable-socketsmakesudo make install

In PHP5.4 make, a problem occurs.

We need to modify the include/gd_io.h under the gd Library Directory.


Add void * data in the gdIOCtx structure;

The format is as follows:

typedef struct gdIOCtx{    int (*getC) (struct gdIOCtx *);    int (*getBuf) (struct gdIOCtx *, void *, int);    void (*putC) (struct gdIOCtx *, int);    int (*putBuf) (struct gdIOCtx *, const void *, int);    /* seek must return 1 on SUCCESS, 0 on FAILURE. Unlike fseek! */    int (*seek) (struct gdIOCtx *, const int);    long (*tell) (struct gdIOCtx *);    void (*gd_free) (struct gdIOCtx *);    void (*data);}gdIOCtx;

Create a PHP configuration file

cp php.ini-development /usr/local/php/etc/php.ini

Add apache support for PHP

vi /etc/httpd/httpd.confAddtype application/x-httpd-php .php .phtmlsudo apachectl stopsudo apachectl start

Create phpinfo. php in the Apache web root directory


Test whether the environment is successfully installed

Basically, the installation is complete.

Install and configure phpMyAdmin:


Remote download:

Unzip? PhpMyAdmin-4.1.1-all-languages.zipmv? PhpMyAdmin-4.1.1-all-languages phpmyadminmv phpmyadmin/var/www/(assuming/var/www is the web root directory) cd/var/www/phpmyadmincp config. sample. inc. php config. inc. php

Then, you can access phpmyadmin through http: // localhost/phpMyAdmin in the browser.

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