Use the text box in WPS text to achieve precise nesting

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When making red-headed, we need to set up a fight, when we print an invitation, we need to set a fight, we also need to set up a fight when we fill in the envelope. In the era of computer and network ubiquity, our handwriting is getting out of hand, so, wherever there is text, all want to let computers and printers to help. Set, and became a necessary skill.

In WPS Text 2005, it provides hidden text and the ability to write text, but only if you have to have the original file of the set of objects, it seems unlikely that you can fill in the file headers, invitations, envelopes, etc. that others do well. Because, we have to play a good master-text box! Here, take a set of invitations as an example, to introduce the use of text boxes to complete the set of the method.

The first step is to find the ruler and accurately measure the length and width of your invitation. Then, start the WPS Text 2005 Professional (Personal Edition also) and set the page to the same size as the invitation. If your printer does not support it, you must also add custom paper for the invitation size in your printer settings.

Second, visually estimate the position of the text you want to appear on the invitation, insert the text box, enter the text you want in the box, and set the font and size. Right-click the text box and bring up the Format Object dialog box with the fill color set to no fill color, and the line color to "Wireless bar Color" (Figure 1).

For ease of control, click the Text Box tab to set all 4 values for the inner margin to "0" (Figure 2). Click "OK" to exit.

The third step, in the second step, all the text to appear in the text box inserted into the document, and based on visual preliminary placement in the appropriate position. Print out a blank sheet of paper with the size of an invitation (or directly with an invitation).

The fourth step, according to the printed proofs of the situation, the text box in the document to adjust the position, print output again, if still not satisfied, repeat the third to fourth step, until satisfied.

Tip: If you need to fine-tune the position of the text box, just click the border of the text box with your mouse, make it active (Figure 3), and then use the arrow keys on the keyboard to fine-tune.

Compared with the way of using branches and spaces, the advantage of using text box is that the position of each text box is relatively independent, adjust a text box will not affect the position of other text boxes, and can easily fine-tune, can maximize the difficulty of saving adjustment and time-consuming.

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