Use the TFS command to forcibly check files checked out by others

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We are using TFsSource codeDuring management, the sourceCodeManagement creates a work zone on each customer's PC, and maps the work zone to the source code folder on the server. During Normal check-in and check-out, our source code will be operated in the workspace of the server to the client. However, once a project team member checks out the code on leave or before leaving the company, the check-out lock is added, if other members of the project group want to modify the locked file, or the TFS administrator wants to delete the project in source code management, the problem occurs, because we cannot exit and checkout through the team explorer graphical interface, we can only use the TFS command: Undo to perform operations and forcibly withdraw the files checked out by others.

1. Enter "cd c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Visual Studio 8 \ common7 \ ide" (TFProgramIn the folder );
2. Search for the workspace used by the person. The operation is as follows: TF workspaces/owner: MJ/Server: http: // 8080;

3. view the pending changes of the person: TF status/Server: http: // 8080/workspace: */User: MJ

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