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Many users who use the Firefox browser have found that sometimes the Firefox browser does not open the Thunder-specific links. So, how to use the Thunder Special link in Firefox browser? Below, and small weave together to see the use of Thunderbolt Special link method.

There is a right key option in advanced. In addition, if you have no link to the right point, only show "Use Thunderbolt all Links"

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Click Start-Run, type regedit in the input box, and enter. In the Open Registry Editor, locate the "Hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftinternet explorermenuext" branch and click "+" on the left side of "Menuext" to expand the subkey, You can see the contents of the IE right menu. If launched after the "Use Thunderbolt download" and "Use Thunderbolt download all links" Two items, then select "Use Thunder Download", and then double-click the right pane in the "Default", enter "your Thunder installation path geturl.htm", such as "C:Program Filesthunder Networkthundergeturl.htm "; double-click" Contexts "to set its numeric data to 34 decimal. As for "Use Thunderbolt download all link", the operation method ibid, just change "geturl.htm" to "getallurl.htm", and its "contexts" numerical data is decimal 243. If you do not have the above two subkeys, then the right button "Menuext" select "New-" Item "command, set up" Use Thunder Download "and" Use Thunderbolt download all links "two items. After the set up with the same.

After installing Firefox, open the icon in the upper-left corner Select additional Component Manager after clicking from the file installation directory below to find the Thunder xpi file open or install the latest version of Thunder will appear figure 2, the choice is.

Select Restart immediately after the following figure appears.

All right, now, look for a "thunder://" to start with "= =" for the end of the download address recommended Hobo Star random click on a thunderbolt download link open any game of thunder download Open the right key to find the source code is "thunder://" beginning with "= =" As the end, the following figure.

After selecting Copy or shortcut key CTRL + C copy in the Web address section Open the following options I've tried it, so you're prompted to use the open option to find the download-specific link conversion tool to check the selection of thunder type links to remember select recommend this file not on the desktop and click Paste into Then choose the right of the Thunder address-Ordinary address click on the bottom left to copy out after you can create a new download task with a whirlwind or even the default reader can download.

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