Use the Unrar command to extract *.rar format files under Linux

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  1. Download Download the appropriate version

  2. Installation

    [Email protected] ~]$ cat/etc/redhat-release
    Fedora release (twenty Four)
    [Email protected] ~]$ uname-r

    Tar zxvf rarlinux-x64-5.4.0.tar.gz
    CD rar
    Make install

  3. Use Help

    [Email protected] ~]$ Unrar

    UNRAR 5.40 freeware Copyright (c) 1993-2016 Alexander Roshal

    Usage:unrar <command>-<switch 1>-<switch n> <archive> <files...>
    < @listfiles ...> <path_to_extract\>

    e Extract files without archived paths
    L[T[A],B] List archive contents [Technical[all], bare]
    P Print file to stdout
    T Test archive files
    V[T[A],B] verbosely List Archive contents [Technical[all],bare]
    x Extract files with full path

    -Stop Switches Scanning
    @[+] Disable [Enable] file lists
    Ad Append archive name to destination path
    Ag[format] Generate archive name using the current date
    Ai Ignore file attributes
    Ap<path> Set path Inside archive
    C-disable Comments Show
    Cfg-disable Read Configuration
    CL Convert names to lower case
    CU Convert names to upper case
    DH Open shared files
    EP Exclude Paths from Names
    EP3 Expand paths to full including
    F Freshen Files
    ID[C,D,P,Q] Disable messages
    Ierr Send all messages to stderr
    Inul Disable All messages
    KB Keep Broken extracted files
    N<file> additionally filter included files
    [Email protected] Read additional filter Masks from stdin
    [Email protected]<list> Read Additional filter masks from list file
    o[+|-] Set the overwrite mode
    Ol[a] Process Symbolic Links as the link [absolute paths]
    or Rename files automatically
    ow Save or restore file owner and group
    P[password] Set Password
    P-do not query password
    R Recurse Subdirectories
    Sc<chr>[obj] Specify the character set
    Sl<size> Process files with a size less than specified
    sm<size> Process files with size more than specified
    ta<date> Process files modified after <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
    tb<date> Process files modified before <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
    tn<time> Process files newer than <time>
    To<time> Process files older than <time>
    Ts<m,c,a>[n] Save or restore file time (modification, creation, access)
    U Update Files
    V List all volumes
    Ver[n] File version control
    VP Pause before each volume
    x<file> Exclude specified file
    [Email protected] Read file names to exclude from stdin
    [Email protected]<list> Exclude files listed in specified list file
    Y assume Yes on all queries

4. Example

(1). View rar contents of the package:

#unrar L *.rar


#unrar v *.rar

(2) test if the rar package can be decompressed successfully:

#unrar T *.rar

(3). Unzip to current folder:

#unrar e *.rar

(4). unzip to the specified folder:

#unrar x *.rar/tmp

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Use the Unrar command to extract *.rar format files under Linux

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