Use the VNC remote graphical interface to control Linux

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You are familiar with the remote graphic interface control in Windows. In Linux, the use of vnc for graphical interface control is also very simple. VNC consists of two parts: the client application (vncviewer) and the server application (vncserver ).

Take redhat linux 8.0 Installation and Use as an Example

1. Install the vnc rpm package

1. install linux

1.1 If the installation on the GUI is in KDE or GNOME, click the rpm package and the system will automatically start the installation. You will also be prompted to set the password and port.

1.2 installation under the command line.

Next, let's talk about the installation under the command line, which is actually very simple, just a command.


Rpm-ivh vnc-3.3.6-2.i386.rpm

2. Set the vnc server access password


3. Start vnc server


4. The management environment set by the vnc server on linux is twm.

Change it to the KDE. Modify $ HOME/. vnc/xstartup file. Change starttwm to startkde and restart the vnc server.

2. remote connection

Now you can control linux on various platforms. The server (vncserver) also has a built-in Java Web interface, so that the user's operations on other computers through the server can be displayed through the browser must support java applet, this operation process and display method are very intuitive and convenient.

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