Use the WebSphere Business events rest interface to emit simple business events from your application

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Brief introduction

Understanding business processes, more agility, and near-real-time monitoring of management and compliance are growing business line requirements. Event-based Solutions support business and IT management enterprise risk by quickly and efficiently leveraging opportunities and reducing exceptions. When business event processing technology is combined with line-of-business applications, it creates an opportunity to build solutions that provide more flexibility and help detect critical compliance and management situations. Events support instant discovery of opportunities and exceptions, and can also initiate appropriate responses.

The Ibm®websphere Business events (hereinafter called the Business event) is a complex incident-handling engine that helps businesses detect, evaluate, and respond to business events based on the discovery of operational event patterns. It is able to associate any source of business events with any time range. The Business events support the transmission of various receive events and initiating operations. One of the simplest transports a distributed application can use is an HTTP-based, representational state Transfer,rest interface, although the new REST API is introduced in the Business Events V7 And the REST-based event creation is supported in both V6.2.1 and V7.

REST is an architectural style in which each resource is uniquely represented by a Uniform Resource identifier (Universal Resource Identifier,uri). When a user accesses multiple resources using a URI on the network, there is a state change or conversion. This is the representational state transmission. In the Business events, each defined event is a resource that has a URI that can be used to create a specific instance of the event.

Although other IBM products, such as cics®transaction Server and WebSphere message Broker, provide mechanisms to emit events directly from an application or stream. But there are still many applications that do not have this functionality. In this article, you will learn how to use the Business events REST interface to issue business events from any application that uses the WEB protocol.


To complete the steps in this article, you need to be familiar with the following points:

WebSphere Business Events.

Java™ programming language

WEB protocol

You must install the following software:

WebSphere Business Events V6.2.1 or later.

JDK 1.6 (used to compile and run the sample).

Business events and actions

A business event is something that happens (or does not happen) in the business. The event source can be anything from an RFID sensor to a business application. Events are sent to a complex event-handling engine, such as Business events. The event-handling engine associates These events and then emits actions based on user-defined rules.

Let's look at an example of an order event that appears in a sales network application. You can define it as follows:

If an order value exceeds $1000, the following data is collected:


Contact number


Order value

The operation of the event is to place the customer in a premium list and provide a better offer for subsequent orders. In this example, the point-of-sale application is the source of the event, and the event is sent to Business. Business events take user-defined and appropriate action based on event handling logic. Figure 1 shows this scenario.

Figure 1. Order Events Sample

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